“How are we going to go! This is a sealed chamber!” asked Mo Fan frustratingly while watching this heavily sweating female guard.

“Just follow me” said Lin Yu Xin with a no nonsense attitude and then quickly went over to the altar.

Not knowing what buttons she pressed, Mo Fan watched as the originally slowly circulating holy spring flow into a few holes on the ditch.

Glug glug glug~~~

A few seconds later all the water on the holy spring disappear, not even a single drop remained on the small ditch. Lin Yu Xin quickly went on the top of the altar and opened the still warm leather seat. Ripping off the cover, she took out a blue bottle, within it clearly the holy spring water.

Mo Fan felt curious, just how could the entirety of the holy spring water be held in a container the size of a coke bottle! Lin Yu Xin carefully held the precious bottle of holy spring water and carefully store it and then turn slightly to look at the honest looking young student mage and said “This is an emergency protocol to protect the content of the holy spring… There’s another channel out of this chamber, it will lead us to the mountain behind your Tian Lan magic highschool!”

“A channel out to the mountain behind the school? Lady, could you tell me what’s going on out there?” asked Mo Fan anxiously.

“You will know when you’re out there… Listen to me, their goal is the holy spring’s water, it must not be allowed to fall into the hands of those people!” said Li Yun Xin succinctly.

“Those people?” muttered Mo Fan as he become even more confused, having no idea whatsoever of what Lin Yu Xin is trying to say.

She went over to the wall, before flicking her finger at something that looks no different to the stone wall, entering some sort of password by pressing parts of the stone.

Mo Fan was stupefied watching her actions, while he was so absorbed in his cultivation in here, it did not cross his mind that even this chamber has more secrets than just the holy spring!


A popping sound on the wall next to her suddenly opened, within it a dark and deep looking tunnel, unknown where it will lead to.

“We have to move now!” said Lin Yu Xin without any hesitation and pulled Mo Fan into the dark tunnel. Mo Fan believing that something is happening out side followed along without any doubt. Just shortly into the dark tunnel, Lin Yu Xin suddenly remembered something and with her sharp pair of eyes, she turned to stare at Mo Fan.

“This secret passage may not be safe… The followers of devil cult should be hunting for me… Take the holy spring… keep it safe!” said Lin Yu Xin as she felt that she may have made a reckless decision but one that she had no choice but to do!

The devil cult came completely prepared! If those cult members saw them escape from the secret passage, they would definitely recognize her being the deputy guard captain and chase after her, in the process ignore a mere student! As long as the holy spring is safe, there is always hope!

“Can you tell me what happened!?” asked Mo Fan impatiently.

Lin Yu Xin appeared greatly anxious from that question, there must be a great upheaval in Bo city!

“Red alert!” said Lin Yu Xin unable to explain great many things to Mo Fan, after all the student has been on a retreat within the chamber not knowing anything about what happened outside!

Red alert!?

Mo Fan felt as if a boulder smashed into his heart, shocking him immensely!!

As he stepped on this new world, Mo Fan learned one very important truth that in this magic driven world, humans are not the apex predator! Other than the cities and its surrounding, the magic beasts occupied more than a hundred thousand times more territory!

The magic beasts have always been eyeing on the resources that humans are harvesting, and in some cases kings of these magic beasts will attack human cities in massive numbers… There has even been cases where some weak cities disappearing overnight!

Therefore the worlds’s highest magic authorities of the five continents has issued a standard crisis management alert, depending on the number, size and strength of the invading magic beasts. Like an early warning system used in the scientific communities for natural disasters, these magic beast invasion disaster is also categorized based on its risk level!

Orange alert, the first level of alert meant that the security around the city has been breached and the invading number is above three hundred beasts!

Orange alert occurred once two years ago, and that has already caused panic within the city.

Blue level alert is even more terrifying! For the scale that is Bo city… Many civilians and mages will be killed fighting the invading magic beasts… but no matter how mild these alert levels are, the city will be ruined! A massacre will happen throughout the city, while the city’s limited army mage could not completely resist the invasion of magic beasts, many of them will slip into the city, wantonly killing the civilians… and not just a few beasts slipping in, there will be hundreds of these magic beasts slipping through the defense into the city!

Many mages are already like a chicken, killing without mercy by those magic beasts, how could those physically weak and powerless ordinary human do anything to it!

Now this red level alert, will make rivers of blood to flow through the city, literring it with corpses and guts! Within the descriptions in the books and historical records, just reading it have already made students nervous, let alone when the situation actually happen in their face!?


Through the secret passage, Mo Fan who still feel a little reluctant to believe that a disaster is happening appeared in the mountains north of the city.

The heavy rain is still falling, obscuring the sky, enveloping the entire city in oppressive and gloomy air, while not far from the exit a daunting roar flow into his ears, making his whole body instantly shudder.

Mo Fan could see the magic beast roaring in his eyes… Oh my god! It’s in the residential area! The low story buildings and its old cemented streets were flowing with bright red blood like the butchery in the market! But those blood are not of the blood of livestock! The flowing blood of living humans are flowing down to a ditch, constantly flowing through the low profile sewer gate!

The bloody red flow is very eye catching… Standing at the mountain overlooking the city, the previously shrouded in rain and misty Bo city could be seen gushing out with blood all over the place!

Bo city is one of the very distinguishing city within the southern region, the sight of the city shrouded in rain and mist is like a beautiful picture but Mo Fan is now seeing this beautiful picture filled with bloodstained nightmare!


A very loud howl could be heard throughout the city, so clear that it will set all your hair stand on end! Mo Fan unconsciously stepped back before creeping around to see the source of the howl only to see an equally shocking sight!

The grey sky hung over the city as the city’s iconic silver building stood tall, almost touching the grey sky but atop the building a huge shadow can be seen lying!!!

Its tail could be seen hanging down to at least half the tall building!

Its wings could be seen stretching, half of its wing could be seen pointing up in the sky while the other half could be seen covering at around ten floors worth of those office floors!

Its head raised high in the air, just one of its sharp howl from its big mouth is enough to shake the whole city, blasting the grey mist away!