Within the holy spring, a youth wearing black shirt is enthusiastically arranging himself around the spring, sometimes jumping in joy, sometimes furrowing his brows.

Whether it is cultivation or practicing, it is one of a long and tedious process… This Mo Fan fully understand but in his own life, dreaming of the awesome advance mage, how is he willing to cultivate and practice until he’s an old shriveled man in solitude!!!

“Damn it… I don’t know how many days it’s been but I feel like I’m feeling closer to the bottleneck!” said Mo Fan out of spiritual cultivation, as he started to evaluate his progress.

The most important difference between elementary and intermediate level is the evolution of the elemental star’s spiritual world into elemental nebula! The difficulty of each person to pass by this bottleneck is different but generally takes more than twice the difficulty to reach the bottleneck! Mo Fan’s cultivation speed to reaching this bottleneck could already be considered a freak!

His own active cultivation time is not only twice of others, adding in the boost from the holy spring and the magic pendant, he could almost reach 24 hours a day of uninterrupted active cultivation!

The only way to upgrade the elemental stars is through cultivation, and Mo Fan could already feel that his elemental stars is slowly evolving! At first, this feeling of higher level elemental star made him feel incredibly strange, but as his elemental stars started to flourish although pulsing with weak radiance, Mo Fan could faintly feel that it’s a definite sign of breakthrough!

Usually his elemental stars are always radiating very stably, but it is now covered in a layer of strange dust like layers of dusty aurora, but after his latest session of active cultivation there’s a sudden sense of restlessness and desire, as if a small life is thriving within the egg, eager to break out of the layer of shell!

From time to time his elemental stars would radiates strongly, trying to break out these shackles, while sometimes its radiance will dim, perhaps it’s accumulating its strength to break through!

The lightning element is Mo Fan’s first awakened element! This time, Mo Fan could sense the flourishing lightning elemental stars, even those seven stars he was ever familiar with for the past years feel different!

“This isn’t enough… I need to continue cultivating, to make the elemental star even stronger so that there’s hope to breakthrough!” muttered Mo Fan to himself after a brief rest, continuing his cultivation plan.


A sudden burst of intense shaking came from all directions.

Mo Fan was about to work on his cultivation breakthrough before he immediately opened his eyes, looking at the vibrations around the walls.

What the hell? Earthquakes?!?

Mo Fan stood up and went over the doors, putting his eyes on it, trying to hear something from outside. He was about to concentrate on his hearing before the special seal on the door was removed and the door slowly opened.

“A week has past!? This is so fast!” said Mo Fan with a shock.

The closed door open and the impressive female guard in milky white uniform rush into the room, and at the same time Mo Fan looked outside the room to see the hallways splattered with bright red blood! Bodies of the guards were lying around messily, some have even been torn to several pieces clotting the floor in pool of blood and innards,the bloody and savage sights stunned Mo Fan!

Many bodies on the floor!

These are the holy spring’s guards! How are they so miserable!?

“Captain Liang!” shouted a female guard.

The shout has barely ended before the intermediate mage was savagely thrown towards a column at the hall like a sandbag, breaking the middle of the column on impact.

Fortunately, Captain Liang’s body was protected by water shield, otherwise that kind of impact will certainly break his body into pieces too!

What is going on!?

Mo Fan was getting even more nervous… because there are things that could throw even an imposing intermediate mage like throwing sandbags!

Mo Fan creep by the door, from the blocking gate Mo Fan could finally see the other half of the hall, and the sight of the beast the size of a truck sent Mo Fan in shivering fear!

The beast has no discernible head or neck, but the body type is very similar to that of a giant rat and Mo Fan has seen this kind of mutated giant-eyed rat before! But this rat’s eye is such bright scarlet, coupled with plenty of blood on its fur, the truck sized giant-eyed rat becomes even more terrifying!

Mo Fan has been in the CBH squad for a year, but he has never seen magic beast this size within the city! Not only that but he has never seen one with such an eye too! The presence of this magic beast’s savagery creates a freezing like atmosphere around!

“This… this is a blood-marked giant eye rat!” Mo Fan ran through all the knowledge he learned through the school’s magic beast classes and finally found the beast’s name!

Oh my god! The illustrations of this beast on the textbook even looked a little funny, but the sight of a real blood-marked giant eyed rat is hideously shocking!

How could this beast even come near this place at all!? Did the single beast kill all the guards!??


The blood-marked giant eyed rat seems to smell the water from the holy spring and its giant eye immediately locked its gaze where Mo Fan and the female guard is located…

Its sharp claws breaks the concrete walls easily, one can feel the rat’s strength, like a truck roaring its engine!

“Close the gate!” said the captain to the female guard as he struggled to get out of the heap of rocks.

Lin Yu Xin bit her lips, but fiercely close the gate!

Both sides of the gate suddenly close, but in that moment when the gap is about to close Mo Fan saw the rat’s paw suddenly flick in as Mo Fan reflexively stepped back.

So fast!!!

The gate closed up very fast, but this blood-marked giant eyed rat should be 30 to 40 meters away! But in a blink of an eye it almost reach over!!!


A loud jarring noise broke out, the rat wasn’t fast enough and it crashed onto the gate.

Lin Yu Xin’s countenance paled before she looked to the side to find the young mage who is inside…

“What happened?” asked Mo Fan in fear.

Just the sight of that rushing rat is quite terrifying! If the door was closed a second later, both of them will instantly die… The strength that a blood-marked giant eye rat has is even more terrible than that half foot into evolving one-eyed magic wolf! This magic beast isn’t something an elementary mage could even resist!

“If you don’t want die, then follow me” said Lin Yu Xin without any patience to explain it to a student mage.

The entire city has fallen into crisis, the underground compound is filled with magic beasts as if it attacked the place as planned in advance, attacking the underground compound in mad frenzy.

Above grounds, other mages are fighting against the invading magic beasts, while a surprise attack was directed at the holy spring, there is no reinforcement to be had! The guards have only themselves to rely on to protect the holy spring!