Alert levels are divided to several levels, the first being orange level.

Two years ago, Bo city sounded an orange level alert once, when the flares shot up to the sky behind the mountains… A horde of at least three hundred magical beasts were rushing towards the city borders!

Today, two light flares meant that this is a blue level alert! When it was orange level alert, it was quickly dealt with by Boss Zhan Kong, but today this blue level alert meant that there’s at least a thousand magical beast rushing towards the city!

For the past few decades Bo city has yet to declared blue level alert!


While many people thought that this is a joke, Wan Duan Feng’s phone rang… Under the heavy rain, hundreds of others at the north checkpoints looked at him in silence, only his cellphone’s ringtone breaking the sound of the rain.


“Colonel Wan… We were attacked by the beasts, the light mage is dead… he couldn’t release the next flare…” said the patrol captain Zhou Jin.

Wan Duan Feng suddenly felt cold, so cold his hand holding on the phone couldn’t help trembling greatly.

“I hope Bo City can held on through this calamity… Tell Boss Zhan Kong I am sorry, to Pan Li Jun too” said Zhou Jin with gloomy desolate voice, as his voice become more distant.

Wan Duan Feng’s face were violently twitching, filled with deep sorrow and anger.

“Tut tut tut~~~”

As the phone call ended, Wan Duan Feng could hear lour roars breaking through the heavy rain, blasting out dauntingly. Wan Duan Feng drove off the distraction from the call, closing his eyes, feeling a sense of pain as if a sword was stabbed to his heart. Although the call has ended Wan Duan Feng can imagine that the next second what would come is that patrol captain’s piercing screams…

He’s dead… DEAD!!! Nobody is even more clear than he is the consequences of using phone call in the wilderness… Once used it’s unlikely that the person will survive!

“Red level alert!” said Wan Duan Feng with a sigh, his eyes no longer filled with sorrow but replaced with determined soldier’s fortitude!

“Red… Red level alert!? Colonel Wan… You’re not making a joke right??” asked a military mage with a look of disbelief.

Under the heavy rain, the mages guarding the north outpost were all dazed… In their mind, a blue level alert is  already enough to set their hearts in chaos, but this red alert… This is a disaster level alert!!!

Red level alert is the highest level, most terrible disaster alert! Most people would probably never see this level of alert in their lifetime!

“What are you standing there for? Do as I say quickly!!!” roared Wan Duan Feng.

God damn idiots, for every minute this alert is announced it’s likely that hundreds could have been killed!!


“Hou Hou Hou~~~!!!”

Waves of beast roars and sound could be heard from the back of the mountain, as if thunder strikes hammers continuously at the mountain, trembling the whole mountain akin to quakes… The aftershocks of the quakes reached the hamlet, causing the boulders around to slightly crash into each other.


Among the vast forest, a shadowy figure suddenly jumped out from the distance before climbing atop of a towering tree. Bearing the heavy rain, the aloof and kingly magic beast has an obvious body of a werewolf, while that hunching on the tree, its three ferocious eyes were shining in red with extremely brutal gaze. While the beast is still faraway from the hamlet overlooking the city, it seems to look at the city as if all are just a flock of little sheeps!

“Three… Three-eyed magic wolf!!!” said the young army mage with a shaking voice…

Just when his barely finished his words, a shadow sprang to the rear of the three-eyed magic wolf, and soon after that more shadows started springing out of the dense forest, perching on top of other trees or spreading themselves around the three-eyed magic wolf.

The number of shadows become more and more as their red brutal eyes dotted the forest under the heavy rain, making anyone who look at this sight to even shiver in fear!!!

“So many… SO MANY!!!”

The pack of magic wolf appear at the mountain side, before the pack looked up at the sky and howl… Its howl reverberating over the entire mountain range.

“They’re calling for other packs in the mountain!!!” said another summoner mage who has done research on beast language.

Oh my god… There’s at least 300-400 one-eyed magic wolf! If this three-eyed magic wolf called for more of its companions… Many would join it!

At this moment, those hunters and mages at the hamlet finally understand why there’s a red level alert!!!

Magic beasts are attacking the city!! Hordes of magic beast is going to attack the city!!!

This disaster… This is a disaster that comes with no signs!!

Under the heavy rain, thousands of magic beast is surging forward, while many are madly rushing to join it!

Since the old times, Bo city has fought against the magic wolves for many years! Now they finally broke the stalemate, gathering in even more advance level magic wolf and then with their packs rushing in to destroy Bo city’s line of defense!!

The surging tide of wolves covers the whole mountain in shadows, this tide of dark shadows is but merely one-eyed magic wolves! Their rush and howls alone could make the entire mountain outpost tremble! Its eyes revealed deep hatred and cruelty for humanity, in this war it will eat all living humans!!!

In this shocking scene, even a mage will feel very small… At this moment it’s as if they’re covered in magic beasts! All the army mages would look at this unforgettable scene and burn it in their memories, but many will not live to tell this tale!