For any mage to be able to even become a guard here requires sufficient prestige and contributions. Although separated by layers of walls, any mage will still be able to get some benefits from the holy spring… Otherwise how could an intermediate grade mage is even willing to stay underground to guard the holy spring?

“Captain, that giant-eyed rat dug a passage underground to the direction of the holy spring… The tunnel appears to be very deep down, we didn’t dare probe it too far” said a valiant looking female guard, coupled with the milky slim-fit guard uniform, made her look especially charming and seductive.

“Vice captain Lin Yu Xin… You worry to much! That giant-eyed rat is a common beast even in the capital city, It probably dug through underground sewers and just happened to lead itself heree” said the new guard.

“Magic Association has checked out the case, nothing is strange in the reports… Everything is alright” said the guard captain with a smile.

Lin Yu Xin just nodded her head, apparently not satisfied with the results of the investigation. Everyone else could just looked at her back and couldn’t help shaking their heads.

“Since her sister went missing, she rarely ever smile now… Unfortunately even her sister’s remains hasn’t been found” sighed guard captain Liang Bin.

“I heard it was also a case of giant-eyed rat?”

“Maybe… who knows…”


Even after the deputy guard captain walked out of the hall, her mind was still occupied with the tragedy a year ago. Back then after her sister’s incident, she kept searching for other giant-eyed rat and for several times went her way into the sewer looking for tunnels that was dug through the sewer by those rats.

Although the Magic Association has dispatched personnel to investigate those tunnels near the school, she has yet to give up the search… Live to see the person, dead to see the body, she did not want to believe that her most beloved sister has just simply disappeared from the world and just yesterday, she found something unusual in the tunnel caves these giant-eyed rat dug.

A pool of water…

How could a pool of water just happen to be there? If it was a naturally occurring tunnels and caves then it is absolutely nothing unusual in the eyes of ordinary humans, but to a magic sensitive mages this is anything but a pool of common water! To be more precise, this pool of water is akin to the water from the holy spring! Why would the water be in the underground tunnel??

This is a very odd circumstances to happen near the protected holy spring, each drop of the spring water is extremely valuable… How could it be allowed into the sewer to let these damn rats and cockroaches use it!

With this doubt in her mind, Lin Yu Xin especially went to consult an pharmacist to research on it, and the pharmacist from magic association promise to have her answer today. Lin Yun Xin went to a deserted hallway, checking the appointed time before calling the pharmacist from magic association…

“Have you check what that is?” inquired Lin Yu Xin.

“It’s not the holy spring” said the pharmacist calmly.

“I think so too” nodded Lin Yu Xin.

“But… some of its special properties is similar to the holy spring water”

“What do you mean by that? How could there be another holy spring in this world?” asked Lin Yu Xin in confusion.

“I said it’s similar to our holy spring, but this sample itself isn’t pure… It’s effects isn’t as beneficial for human mages but this thing is like a super tonic for magical beasts… That’s why I said this sample is very similar to the holy spring’s water but under special circumstances. This sample have also been mixed with some sort of evil plants, it will boost the strength of the user greatly in a short time like taking magic stimulant but its after effects will make the user go mad and irrational” said the pharmacist seriously.

Lin Yu Xin was slightly surprised, she had never heard of this kind of thing in the world! Could this water be the cause of all those incidents where the previously timid and wretched one-eyed giant rat went out and attack humans??

“Oh one more thing… I thought of this possibility” said the pharmacist with gravely serious tone.

“What is it?”

“You said it was found in the sewer tunnels right? Even if it’s not the same as the holy spring’s water, drinking it could actually give the same effects to that of a real holy spring water… Or at least of no discernible difference within a day” said the pharmacist.

Lin Yu Xin suddenly froze in shock and fear… Could this be a coincidence??

This pool of water inexplicably appeared in a tunnel cave the one-eyed giant rat dug, where that same rat almost dug into the holy spring’s location… This is too much of a coincidence!?

“It could be a coincidence…” said Lin Yu Xin stiffly.

“I hope it is… looks like it’s going to rain soon. I’ll come over to pick you up, you never bring umbrella with you…” said the pharmacist.

“I’m a water mage…. why would I need an umbrella!?”

“… alright, wanna have dinner together tonight?”

“I’m on shift”

“…. okay”

Lin Yu Xin hung up the call with a frown, plenty of concerns and thoughts in her mind.



Xue Feng Mountain hamlet…

A white pickup truck ride through the bumpy road into the hamlet. When the truck was near the hamlet, a sudden pour of heavy rain happened, shrouding the whole mountain range in rain, a cloud of orange mist covering the distant mountain peaks/

“Agh… I almost lost the cargo at the back… luckily I reached here before rain washed me away” said Mo Xing as he jumped out of the truck, looking at the heavy rain inf ear.

“Why is there color in the rain… so odd!?” said one of the veteran hunter in the hamlet.

“Like heaven is pissing on us hahahaha” laughed another veteran hunter.

Mo Xin came to their side, with a smile he greeted a few acquaintances while hearing them talking about weirdly colored rain while looking at the cloud and rain that obscure the sky. This rain looks really muddy too!

The people in the hamlet went on their business just as usual, where Zhan Kong’s unit continue guarding the north checkpoint. Wan Duan Feng, lead a military unit of a thousand soldiers, being an intermediate earth mage there is nobody in the city better than him on defense.

Wan Duan Feng wore leather rain clothes, standing straight in the wind, appearing very solemn and unyielding. His gaze are focused into the forest before suddenly from far within, a streak of bright light broke through this orange rain shrouded sky.

“A flare signal!” stared Wan Duan Feng at it before his look hardened.

A light mage’s elementary spell has a great utility within the army, one of it was to pass off information and location. This light flare has not much effects to magic beast that doesn’t use its eyes much, but if one was hit square in the eyes with this… it’s blinding effects is akin to that of a flashbang!

Although technology could be used to send information, its use in the wilderness is like a gps onto the user, therefore this light flare spell becomes the special way to communicate between in the wild.

“Captain! That’s a warning signal!! The third team sent us an alert… Is there a horde of magical beast?” asked the soldier mage at the side.

The glorious light flare piercing through the orange rain becomes more distinctive this time… But right at this moment, every military guard at the north checkpoint was shocked… Two flares! Blue level alert?