The holy spring is placed within a fully enclosed chamber, black boulders are piled on top of each other, each of them carved with special looking patterns and magical runes.

Mo Fan thanks to being a diligent student, recognized some of the rune patterns and its meaning and unsurprisingly these quite high level barrier magic runes. Even a look at these rocks forming the wall of this secret chamber could tell that not even an earthquake can shake anything within the barrier…

Mo Fan thought this holy spring will look like a big bath house or something similar to it, so he’ll be able to strip himself and dip in the spring to enjoy it… But contrary to his expectations, after going through the pillars to the center the holy spring appears to be nothing but a stone altar!?

The altar is about four steps tall, while the bottom part of it are lined with small ditches surrounding it, the nearly invisible holy spring water flow slowly by the small gully.

Mo Fan observed the flowing water for awhile but find nothing noteworthy about it and was about to get ready to sit on the steps on the altar to start cultivating according to what that old fox said, but the little pendant on his chest suddenly started thumping strangely.

“You’re too damn excited! You can’t have them but you can look hahaha” teased Mo Fan immediately.

The small pendant is now a spirit grade elemental magic tool! Not only Mo Fan can continuously cultivate actively for 14 hours each day now, he’s even getting some sort of special energy through this small pendant, boosting his cultivation on his two elemental stars to a the third level very quickly! Among the general students, to be able to graduate at the second elementary level magic is considered very good already, now Mo Fan’s dual element cultivation is even one whole level ahead of them. This is more than sufficient to show how strong and useful a spirit grade elemental magic tool is for a mage!

“Does this mean the small pendant can absorb the holy spring’s water directly???” Mo Fan felt the pendant’s desire to absorb this special resource, and couldn’t help but to ponder about what to do. Elemental magic tool and this holy spring essentially have the same general function, that is boost a mage’s cultivation speed! Utilizing the spring’s huge energy reserves, it might even help the mage to shorten the distance to intermediate level elemental star!

“Hmm… Maybe I should try… If the small pendant is really able to absorb the energy here, wouldn’t it mean that it can use the spring to upgrade itself to become a higher quality elemental magic tool?” guessed Mo Fan boldly.

Recalling that incident about the school’s elemental magic tool, its energy was swallowed by the small pendant… If the pendant sucked away all the energy within the spring… wouldn’t it be the same as carrying the holy spring for himself??

This place only opened once a year, providing only one chance for the city’s most promising mage seven days time to cultivate inside and this is enough to many go crazy in envy! What if…. Oh my god, this is too terrifying to think about! Too much temptation ah!!

Teach Tang Yue helped settle that mess about the elemental magic tool being sucked a scrap stone… If this holy spring got sucked dry, all the mages in Bo city is going to put him on a stake and burn him alive!

Screw it, just sit down and calm down, just calmly cultivate… Don’t even think about this outrageous thing!

“Little pendant, you don’t be impulsive! I know this thing is good for you, but if you do… I’m going to get hunted all over the city! Don’t be reckless! We’re safe here in this closed-door cultivation for the next seven days… once the university exam is done with, I’m going to join the fight against magical beasts and save the world like a hero! My left Mu Ning Xue, my right nestling Tang Yue, it’s not a big deal to find the good stuffs for your upgrade!” muttered Mo Fan.

The small pendant seems to understand its master’s wish, instead of being a bloody fool and jeopardize both of them, it return to silence.

Mo Fan sighed… Damn it, what kind of magic tool is this? This thing is more like a greedy and picky little devil!


Mo Fan could clearly feel some sort of energy entering his body through his skin even before he go into spiritual meditation, nourishing his body and mind. These ebb of these nourishing energy is many times stronger than the energy flowing in from the little pendant! If this kind of energy nourishment is graded based on elemental magic tool’s grade, this holy spring is beyond the spirit grade tool Mo Fan had, it literally made the person cultivating on it feels like they’re soaring!

Being saturated in these nourishing energy, the thunder and fire elemental stars appears to have light movement within, as if two babies who suddenly found milk and began to frantically suck it up, and as the energy flow into the stars it slowly and surely starts to grow a little at a time.

Mo Fan who felt this noticeable growth could feel that every hour spent here is worth a whole week’s cultivation!

“This is too awesome! This is growth experience is way too exciting!!!”

He really did not expect such a great cultivation opportunity, it seems that robbing opportunities like this from those stuck up second generation wealthy kids is necessary in the future… Otherwise even those fools cultivating on things like this could even become a leading mage among their peers.

So much resources rest in the hands of a select few, if not for him showing his strength with as dual element mage, even after winning the duel he might not even get this opportunity into the holy spring! All in all, with the help of his spirit grade magic pendant and the properties of this holy spring, the seven days cultivation is very likely to make him reach intermediate elemental star!



“Captain Liang, is this holy spring really that magical?” asked the new guard, Wang Tong Lian.

“Our city has a long history dating back to the Qin dynasty and probably even predates it… But the development of our city is inextricably linked with this holy spring ah! Think about the scale of our city’s economy, our human resources, our specialty? How could there be a city of such scale with on this out of the way place, without special feature within the southern region? If there’s no holy spring, our Bo city is at best a little town in the wilderness!” said the captain leisurely as he sat on the floor.

“Counting back to Qin dynasty, isn’t that already around 2000 years worth of history!?” exclaimed the new guard.


“Captain, you’re one of the few who had the chance to cultivate in the holy spring right? How does it feel?” asked another guard.

Captain Liang Bin nodded, reminiscing that moment in his life where he gets to enjoy the holy spring for seven days! That pleasure and desire for greater power he felt during the seven days inside is even better than ravaging a beauty!

“As long as it’s not a hopelessly unqualified stupid mage, cultivating an hour inside is equivalent to three days!” said Liang Bin with a wistful smile