The holy spring was located beneath this silver towering building, which surprised Mo Fan a little… Because that day when he and Mu Ning Xue had the conversation, they were on the balcony of the same building, just floors apart!

This pentagonal silver tower stood magnificently upon the most central part of the city, measuring two hundred meters high, the entire building is encased in glass, the sun ray make the building look rather like a shining sword’s scabbard while at night the building is lighted up, even from very far away one can still see its guiding light.

Rumor had it that Mu Zhuo Yun owned the highest level conference hall on this iconic building! While Bo city’s most treasured resource is hidden beneath this silver colored trade center, even the numerous white-collar workers on it didn’t know that the building itself has such a deep underground compound!

Like a spy base, Mo Fan descended through 15 floors underground… Mo Fan is really surprised that there’s such a clandestine organization within Bo city’s management, who actually dig down and lay fortifications around the site just to protect this treasure!

Around the entrance is a special looking crystal device that appears to be very sturdy and durable, while those around it are probably the guards… but even the captain of the patrol is an intermediate level mage! This proves just how serious the city held this holy spring in regards!

“The door behind will lead to the holy spring, you can go in for a week… The spring itself have its own ebb and flow, you will not touch it. You can cultivate on the leather seat in the center, or whichever you decide to sit” said Mu Zhuo Yun snappily.

This was supposed to be Yu Ang’s duel rewards! Who would have thought that this little bastard took it instead… Mu Zhuo Yun’s mood couldn’t be any better. Mo Fan who was also accompanied by Tang Yue, slightly nodded her head, letting him know that he should go in to cultivate inside.

“Oh wait, I have something for you” said Tang Yue almost forgetting about it.

“For me?” asked Mo Fan confusedly.

Out of nowhere Tang Yue suddenly took out four tomes of red and purple, engraved on its surface are diagrams and runes like that of shining little stars, creating a complete picture of some sort of spell.

“Teacher Tang Yue, you are really generous… These are expensive elemental tomes, to even gift him four tomes… Your wealth and generosity has opened my eyes” said Mu Zhuo Yun in envy upon realizing the gifts are intermediate level magic tomes.

“These are elemental magic tomes?” asked Mo Fan in confusion.

“Once you complete your cultivation in the holy spring, I’m estimating that you won’t be far away from being an intermediate mage! I’m not sure if I will be here to guide you through it, so before we part ways these tomes will help you on your breakthrough and after that… At least you will have the ability to protect yourself after your rank up” said Tang Yue and after a short paused she continued on to explain other uses of these magic tomes “You should understand by now that only by connecting these elemental stars to your spell runes, will you be able to use magic spells”

Mo Fan nodded as he listened intently to his teacher’s higher level magic lesson.

“Once you reach intermediate level, the size of the spiritual field for that element will become even more vast like a nebula with a total of 49 elemental stars within, so to use these higher grade magic you will need to connect with all 49 of them and set them up like the diagram on this tome in order to use this magic spell…” explained Tang Yue.

Elemental Nebula!

To tune all 49 elemental stars to the specific constellation like the diagram and then connect them to use intermediate magic spell! Mo Fan silently repeat these keywords in his heart…

“You also know that even to gain complete mastery over 7 elemental stars itself takes a long practice and cultivation time, the difficulty to have complete over these 49 is more than double the previous stage! Once you reach intermediate level, it will take a long time to make tune all 49 stars to their place, so these constellation diagram on the magic tomes is special in a way that once you spiritually link with it, the tome will release a special attraction force to get your 49 elemental stars arrange itself according to the constellation diagram on the magic tome. So even if you don’t have the skill and ability to yet control all 49 stars, as long as you have enough spiritual force and magic power, it is possible to use magic spell through it!” said Tang Yue carefully.

Mo Fan’s jaw dropped, shocked that there are such amazing thing in this world! If there’s this kind of magic tomes, those difficult to control elemental stars problems can be solved with a few of these magic tomes ah!

Mu Zhuo Yun could clearly see Mo Fan’s inner doubt at the gifts before voicing out his mind “Magic tomes like these aren’t things money can buy… Your teacher Tang Yue probably isn’t just a simple teacher”

Mo Fan looked at this beautiful mature and sexy teacher, surprise filling his mind. Thinking about it, how a simple teacher settle a matter like an elemental magic tool as if it’s not a problem at all! Even Mo Fan had experience seeing Tang Yue’s shadow magic spells… she’s at least an intermediate level mage!!

“You’re born with a special dual element magic, inevitably there will be many who will be jealous at your talent… These tomes will give you a measure of self-defense. Of course the premise is that your element’s spiritual word will actually upgrade in order to use them, otherwise if you try to use it before then, these tomes will suck your magic dry and turn you into the 21st century fresh mummy” said Tang Yue seriously.

Mo Fan nodded seriously, feeling very touched at this gesture of concern.

Teacher Tang Yue and him is merely of ordinary teacher-student relationship, but with her concern for his well being, it seems that I must hurry and cultivate myself to an intermediate level mage, get rich and then marry her in order to repay her kindness for a lifetime!

“Thank you teacher, I will redouble my efforts!” said Mo Fan sincerely and Tang Yue smiled, her pair of eyes brighten up with anticipation and expectations.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself kid, although this heavenly holy spring is good… it’s not a miracle drug that will turn you into an intermediate mage right away… Its greatest help will only help you reach that barrier to breakthrough… Oh whatever, get in” said Mu Zhuo Yun with a cold humph.

Tang Yue said no more and turned to leave… Mu Zhuo Yun also no longer continued on his parade, motioning the guardians of the holy spring to get Mo Fan into it.

“Buckle up boys, last time that fucking rat almost break into the spring… if the holy spring leaked itself out, attracting disasters is the least of your worries because I’ll skin you first!” said the guard captain Liang Bin

“Captain, calm down… We’ll make sure no such thing will ever happen again!” echoed several guards to him

Mo Fan heard bits and pieces of their conversation before entering the holy spring and that reminds him of that nearly advanced level one-eyed magic wolf! If only a one-eyed magic wolf getting a small amount of the holy spring from the leak could be so terrifying, if I get to cultivate here for a full seven days… wouldn’t I be able to fly to the moon!!?”