Fei Shi being astute as ever stare hard at Mo Fan before hesitating and whispered to his squad mates “Hey… don’t you think his lightning runes feels incredibly similar to someone?”

“You think so too!!!” said Xu Da Huang with burning eyes, on the side Xiao Ke is also nodding frantically while biting into an apple. Luo Wen Jie had a very weird smile while looking at Cai Tang. It’s very obvious that Cai Tang is also aware of this but is quite unwilling to accept the reality of this fact.

“Fan Mo… Mo Fan… What the heck… It’s not even creative!” shouted Xu Da Huang.

The whole CBH squad suddenly felt that everything clicks, but their face still held that expression of disbelief. They have always knew that this Fan Mo kid is quite young but they would never imagine that he was still a high school student mage that has yet to even graduate! But the most crazy part is his cultivation!! Let alone his lightning element magic, his fire element magic isn’t inferior even compared to the captain Xu Da Huang!!!

Of all everyone in the squad, Cai Tang would probably have the most complex feeling about this, because ever since the mysterious lightning element mage Fan Mo joined she probably hold a certain level of goodwill and favor for Fan Mo.

Everyone knows how cherished and sought for lightning mages are, therefore they will almost always choose comfortable work with high income, high status and least risk, but the promising young mage Fan Mo joined them in CBH squad, exterminating wild magic beast within the city, counting his oustanding performance while also saving Cai Tang’s life several times, and at their most dangerous work in the past year his lightning magic saved the whole squad, even as bitchy as Cai Tang was, she definitely have plenty of good impression for Fan Mo!!!

The results of that now, as the image of Fan Mo and Mo Fan converge into one, that good impression now mixed with loath and anger… really turn her speechless!!!


“Everyone, I have something to say…” spoke Principal Zhu again, with him being highly respected the crowd settle down to listen to what he has to say.

“While a dual element mage is definitely an amazing talent, with the university entrance examination around the corner… Our school will take this opportunity to make some great waves to showcase the prestige of our Bo city! Therefore, I hope that everyone here does not disclose his presence until after the magic assessment of the entrance examination, to let this distinguished mage of our Bo city become a nationwide sensation… How does everyone feel about it?” echoed Principal Zhu’s voice in everyone’s ears.

The occurrence of such event is estimated to receive widespread media coverage! Using the upcoming nationwide university exam, Principal Zhu is hoping to use this miraculous opportunity to bring banner of Bo city onto the map for it has been a very long time since there’s such opportunity for glory!!

“It’s fine with me, but the most we can delay this report is only up to two weeks!” said Yang Zhuo He on behalf of the Magic Association.

“Principal Zhu, with me here who would dare to leak a peep about him?” said Zhan Kong casually.

Zhan Kong is no fool, if his existence is publicized even more organizations will come over to solicit him, even if he had to tape every single person’s mouth, he’ll do it to suppress this news from leaking out of this place.

Although with the presence of so many guests in this gallery it’s difficult to keep everyone tight lipped, as long as they can control the media and prevent these institutions from spreading this out, it doesn’t matter that much even if they accidentally leaked this out to the populace… Anyway, this thing will come out on the announcement for the university entrance exam.

“How could it be so exaggerated ah? Even the media will be clamped down from breaking out this news???” said Wang Pang in a low voice.

Teacher Tang Yue were among the students, her heart still racing from what she saw, when she heard Wang Pang said that without much thought she said “You naturally do not understand how amazing and important this is for this little Bo city… If the news spread out, many even bigger forces will come to occupy the city… Even if Mo Fan isn’t going to join them… There are many sinister ways to quell and nip a young promising mage in the bud before he could grow into a threat to them… Secretly getting rid of a mere elementary mage is not difficult for them, blocking the news on Mo Fan is a good thing for all of us”

“How could there be such horrible people!? What difference is there between them and the dark cult!?”

“You misunderstand me but it’s better to be cautious” said Tang Yue.

“This is too sensational ah… How did boss Fan cultivate?? He’s cultivating two element instead of one and is still ahead of us!” said Zhang Hou helplessly.

“That’s right ah!”

Xu Zhao Ting looked as if he’s about to breath fire… Looking as if he’s going to roast Zhang Hou to make him shut up and stop rubbing it..

“Hahaha… That poor little roasted sucker”

“Hmm… if not for that Mu Zhuo Yun at odds with Mo Fan, he probably can’t wait to kidnap Mo Fan and make him his foster son or something hahaha”

“How could ah? But drillmaster Zhan Kong is sworn brother with Mo Fan… There’s going to be high-level mage instructors following him… Who would dare to slight Mo Fan?”

“Yeah, dying once ain’t going to be enough”

When Mo Fan went over to talk with his classmates, Tang Yue’s pretty eyes are observing Mo Fan carefully. Now she finally realize how Mo Fan was able to kill that dark magic wolf… Regardless, she was really surprised by Mo Fan, hiding this dual element magic thing really well…

However his actions can be considered quite clever, while his own strength is weak, being low-key is not a bad thing… But now that he has manage to interest Zhan Kong in his well-being, Mo Fan’s cultivation to the next level will be smoother. I could imagine this little runt taking advantage of his innate dual element system and even stand out from among the country’s many other peerless genius!


Tonight Mo Fan turned into the star, creating sensation to all that watched the duel! Magic Association, Hunter Union, even the military forces of Bo city joined in and create a blackout of information about Mo Fan and the result of the duel, clamping down this from spreading out. Of course, the reward for the duel winner will receive his biggest luck yet for the year, gaining access to the holy spring for an entire week!

Just by going into the holy spring will allow Mo Fan to greatly enhance his cultivation prior to the university entrance examination! Getting this boost on his cultivation will definitely make Mo Fan’s performance amaze everyone in the country! At that moment, Bo city’s reputation will be propelled along with Mo Fan’s future cultivation progress.

“Holy spring? Is it some sort of special place?” muttered Mo Fan looking forward to this very much.

It is said that among many of the scant resources available in this Bo city, there have been cases of mages breaking through to intermediate level by practicing within the holy spring! Just by being an intermediate mage in Bo city will let him go sideways anywhere in this little city!! Even more so as a dual element mage, when he reach intermediate level, he will have three full element on him, giving him absolute advantage over any intermediate mage!

This is great… I must make good use of this rare opportunity to significantly enhance my strength!!!