“Boss… Yu Ang is still lying on the field” reminded Mu He silently.

Mu Zhuo Yun’s face suddenly darkened.

Damn it! I almost forgot today is his son, Yu Ang’s rite of passage… This turned out to be this damn kid’s stage’s to shine instead! Even more hateful is the result of this duel… If Yu Ang lost, he will have to apologize to this pair of father and son in front of every other small tyrants of the city!!! The thought of this suffocates him, even his blood pressure have gone up so high!


On the duel field, Mo Fan looked lazily on Yu Ang who’s lying like a dead dog on the bombarded ground.

Screw your heritage ah! You want to show off your heritage right? So I’m going to show that even with your heritage I can still beat you senseless like a dog!!

Mo Fan then turned around and walk towards the gallery of guests.

The results of this duel is obvious! Mo Fan won it!

Although the audience was amazed by the carefree face Mo Fan had, Mu Zhuo Yun on the other hand had a blackened sour face… And sure enough, the old fox even spit out a mouthful of blood.

“That old debt you owed to my family, we can figure out how to pay it now” said Mo Fan casually.

He has been waiting for this day for so many years! Today in front of many of his peers… I will let you taste some feeling of humility!

Mu Zhuo Yun’s face is violently twitching at the humiliation he’s about to undergo! He did think highly of Mo Fan’s skills and even especially get Yu Ang a magic armor… But even in his dreams he would never thought that Mo Fan is a dual element mage even cultivating his lightning magic to the third level!!!

The entire grand rite of passage becomes this kid’s grand rites instead… This literally turned me into his donkey, turning green with envy with all the publicity and fame he’s supposed to enjoy right now!

“That… Never mind this thing… I don’t need it. Patriarch Mu Zhuo Yun had taken care of us… There’s no need to do this ah…” said Mo Xing, being the kind-hearted simple man he is. In his view, making Mu Zhuo Yun kowtow to apologize is no different to directly killing him, regardless of the outcome he’s still a figurehead in the city!

“Yes yes, this thing isn’t really important but your son really amazed us tonight!” said Mu He quickly with an overly nice attitude, kissing asses for favor.

Never mind?? If this Mo Fan was going to let this thing slid off, why would he even bother to use his lightning magic to shock Yu Ang?!

“Hmmph… Just a kowtow apology isn’t much to do! This Mu Zhuo Yun can always be counted on his words! What I said, I will follow through!!” said Mu Zhuo Yun fiercely.

While he have just barely finished his words, he’s already standing in front of Mo Xing. His voice were loud and fierce, but his actions were a little stiff…

Am I really giving this father and son a kowtow apology!?

If I did this I will have no face to look up to these people in Bo city!!

Bastard, fucking bastards!! How did heaven give this shitty little bastard such overpowering talent! No wonder he’s so bold to even dare to bet with him on this… because of this hidden trump card!!

This Mu Zhuo Yun being an old fox, has already considered any and all possibilities but this dual element mage…

Struggling inside, Mu Zhuo Yun finally bite the bullet and slowly start to bend his kees.

“Boss Zhuo Yun, no need to do this, please… we have no such deep hatred, why need to do so… Whatever happens back then has already happened… The old ancestors said a laugh can melt away hatred, we can just let the past remains as history and look for a better future” said Mo Xing hurriedly helping Mu Zhuo Yun up.

Mu Zhuo Yun was stunned looking at Mo Xing’s actions… In his view, the vast majority of the guests should be looking forward to watching him kowtow, as the tyrant of this city none have the power to make him kowtow and yet this Mo Xing actually made him give up on it!?

“Mo Fan, this is far enough ah” said Mo Xing.

Mo Fan shrugged but it’s his father’s wish… There’s not much he can do about it. Anyway, seeing Mu Zhuo Yun half bending his knees about to kowtow is good enough for him, all the years of resentment and grievances have already been vented out…

“Well said… the old saying that smile could melt grievances between enemies… But the real highlight should be this miracle we all see today! Because in our little Bo city, a shocking and never seen before natural dual element mage was born! Although not long ago Mu Ning Xue has already surprised us with her never seen before talent in ice element magic… Another genius will make our Bo city even more famous in the future!! God bless Bo city!!” said Principal Zhu sonorously.

Bo city isn’t any particularly outstanding city in the southern, without any particularly great mage appearing from it, it has been lying quietly in the southern region for many years… However the coming of geniuses like the Mu Ning Xue and Mo Fan will definitely cause great waves across the nation, giving Bo city the opportunity to become the most prominent city in the southern!!

Thinking about this bring excitement to many!!

“Mo Fan, long story short… as long as you join the military, no matter what happen in the future you will get to be a captain for a military unit! You will never have to worry about your cultivation resources, you will definitely become an advance mage in the future!” said Zhan Kong seriously.

“Zhan Kong! Enough of your harassment! It’s his freedom to choose where he wants to go!! What are you trying to do intimidating him!!!” said Yang Zhuo He unhappily.

“What harassment! This is my commitment ah! We had our own thing.. after all he’s my sword brother!” said Zhan Kong boldly while the instructors on the side were hearing this with a twitching face.

Boss Zhan Kong… when did the two of you become sworn brother!?

“Drillmaster… What the heck are you saying?” puzzled Mo Fan.

“Oh? Not enough for you? You want to skip ranks? You can be my assistant! Anyway, join the military, we guarantee your wealth and status!” said Zhan Kong succinctly.

The other two on the side were sweating heavily like waterfall…

The fuck… You become a sworn brother with an 18 year old boy… You this stupid chief wants to collapse the entire military rank system!?!? The two at the side feels incredibly tempted to just knock him out and tow him out of here… This is to damn disgraceful!!!