Mo Fan’s classmates were crazily rubbing their eyes, checking if what they saw earlier is a hallucination, but now it seems that they might have to return to school and write ten thousand pages of calm down! Hallucinating is definitely not a very good sign before the entrance exam!!

The scene was filled with silence for a long time!

“Who… Who can tell me what’s going on!?” said the old mage from Zhou clan, standing up from his chair, his eyes meticulously scanning at the place where the Lightning Wrath hit.

Who would come out and explain this? Isn’t this sufficient evidence?

“He’s an intermediate mage! It must be so! He must have underwent a second awakening!”

“No!” At this moment of chaos, principal Zhu refuted naturally. The rest of the guests stare at him in hopes of explanation, believing that he has an explanation for this incredible phenomenon.

“He is still at elementary stage” answered principal Zhu confidently.

“How did he also have lightning element then…”

Principal Zhu took a deep breath, seeing the teachers from Bo city excitedly discussing, too excited that their cheeks were trembling, unable to calm themselves.

“He awakened two element…Mo Fan’s first awakening is a dual element…”

Principal Zhu finally said the most shocking fact out of his judgment and observations… Yes, It could only be a dual element awakening!

In any student’s cultivation, it is impossible to reach this stage in three years, therefore the only explanation is dual element awakening! He didn’t only awaken fire element but lightning element too!

Not even in the history of Tian Lan magic high schooo, even in the world the existence is such mage is very very very rare!!!

“Awakened to dual elemental…Oh my god, did this thing really exist in the world??”

“I… I don’t know what to say…”

“… Xue Mu Sheng…Mo Fan is your student isn’t it? Didn’t you preside over his awakening ceremony?” asked Chen Wei Liang to Xue Mu Sheng next to him.

“I clearly remember him only being fire element…” Xue Mu Sheng tried very hard to remember, but he couldn’t really remember the circumstances during that time.

This shock has made everyone forgot that this is actually a rite of passage, magic duel… But the presence of dual elemental mage has been too sensational many has already forget the impression of Yu Ang being the protagonist of this event, because today there is nothing more dazzling and earthshaking than Mo Fan being dual element mage!

“This kid… is part of our military unit! Who dares solicit him today!!!” roared Zhan Kong as he jumped out of his chair. Zhan Kong is already quite fearless against anyone in Bo city, but today he will go all out against anyone who dares to fight him for this dual element mage Mo Fan!!!

Bloody hell, how could I have imagine this kind of thing to happen when I was transferred to this southern city! How could I expect that there will be a young mage with two element awakened in this small, out of place city! I’m already quite optimistic about this kid when I thought he only had a single fire element and trying to pull him into the military. Who could have guessed that this kid hid is terrible talent so deep, covering his tracks so well.. If I knew it back then… even if I had to go bankrupt I would get him to sign a contract!!!

That old mage from Zhou clan wanted to stand up and claim Mo Fan for the clan but Zhan Kong’s ultimatum had stunned him and many others! What the hell, how could he do this! Even our Zhou clan is interested in him! This old mage now regretted not soliciting this kid harder earlier, now this dual element young mage with no background is very desirable for any forces in the city, even more after he beat the son of Mu Clan’s patriarch!!

“Boss Zhan Kong… Although your words have much weight upon this Bo city, even you can’t just claim and take this kid away as you wish! I have to report this to the leaders of our Magic Association… That said, let alone one peerless genius, there are no other organizations better than us in cultivating and helping genius grow!” said Yang Zhuo he jumping out.

Although military may have to give face to small or big clans, how are on the same level as the Magic Association? This world has no forces who could match the giant that is this organization!

“Ha? This student is under the sponsorship of our school… There is no need for anyone to worry about him” said principal Zhu adding in more oil into the fire. Even before Mo Fan has officially graduate from school these two buggers are already trying to snatch him away from the school! Although this old Zhu has forge many good karma, it doesn’t mean that I will easily giveaway my student!!

Mu Zhuo Yun stood there blankly while watching Mo Fan stunning the guests, and made the major forces in and out of the city fight over him… Although his Mu Clan has a very rare genius with special ice element magic talent, his appeal is still better… Although Mu Ning Xue is definitely more superior compared to her peers, she will still require treasured materials and other supports but this innate cultivation talent and his dual elemental magic is like the moon overlooking the world, an absolute difference in grade and talent!!! What can Mu Zhuo Yun even said in this case!!!

“Get up! Get up! I simply want to give your son a little lesson, how could I do such thing!” said Mu Zhuo Yun as he rushed to help Mo Xing up.

Mu Zhuo Yun’s attitude has turned 180 degrees!

Mo Xing stood up, and couldn’t believe what he saw around… Maybe a layman may not understand what it meant for a first awakened dual element mage but as longs the person knows any general knowledge about magic, just to see their expression on the guest’s faces is sufficient to know how much more outstanding his son is compared to theirs!

No… It might not be enough to even describe it as outstanding, his son is probably enough to stir the entire city!! This is great… This is really great!! To finally see his son live up to his expectations and even went beyond it! It’s really worth to sell off all his possessions and get him into Tian Lan magic high school… If he had been even a little hesitant back then, he may have killed off a future great mage! Oh my good, look at those great affluent men fighting over you! This Mo Xing actually had such a great son!!!

Mo Xing cried in his realization, his tears dripping down as he stood up… A busy life with humble income, adding in his distressing work environment all this while… Usually bending his backs for those wealthy people in their sports cars is no difference with bending the knees… He finally realize why his son told him to stand up, it’s because from that moment on they will definitely not bow or kneel to anyone ever again!!!