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Quanzhi Fashi ch49

[Chapter 49]     [Chapter 49 Adfly]

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Extra explanation for the things happening in the past 10 chapters.

The spells are explained as such, <Fire magic level> <the actual spell itself/or what it’s used for>

the author used a weird symbol of ? as a divider, truly mystifying, but I think it meant something in chinese web slang. I’m going to have to ask my weibo friends later.

The wolf looked like one-eyed magic wolf that the students thought they will be fighting, but it’s actually a summon that has similar shape to it. one-eyed wolf doesn’t berserk, this wolf does.

more on that at chapter 50 or 51 i think.

Quanzhi Fashi chapter 48

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I know there are readers who are clamoring to proofread earlier chapters, I haven’t had time yet. I planned to do it this week, but got hit by the combo. My choice this week is between continuing the chapters or do no chapters and proofread the troll translations (because I wanted to make fun at the chinese web slang translated into english) on previous chapters. I believe most of the existing readers will prefer new chapters so here they are. Nap time

[Chapter 48]     [Chapter 48 Adfly]