Quanzhi Fashi Chapter 35

Right… I made some mistakes while translating the prev chapter on this very important item in the story, 泥鳅坠: I did not see that third char and just read it as… Eel/mud fish/catfish/loach while watching dotamajor stream >.>. It ought to be only be pendant, sorry for the confusion. But Mo Fan still call this pendant a loach on this chapter, but it’s contextually right this time.

second change, 魔器: Mo can mean things like magic/demon and their abbreviations such as mystical, magical, devil. Qi: is a tool/device/implement/artifact depending on context. but Elemental magical device/artifact feels too mouthy and artifact feels too epic for this kind of item, so it’ll be changed to Elemental magic tool.

Welcome to chinese to english translation where it feels more like playing jigsaw puzzle than translating.

I have cleared regular release for this week and the one chapter I missed from last week =D

I will go back and fix the mistranslated parts on previous chapters  asap.

I have updated the donation page, thank you for your supports dear readers, and thank you G. Bunyan for sponsoring 8 chapters for the coming week, give him a cheer guys, it’s a full 12 chapters next week!

I will try to do at least 2, most 3 chapters a day everyday next week to clear the queue.

Chapters will rain twice a day from monday to saturday =D

I’ve been reading this novel that was only translated for few chapters last year, some of you may know it, some of you don’t.

novel updates info

No, currently I have no intention of translating this dark anti-hero novel. But this is like terror infinity only the MC is a noir type hero. Alot of cross over to movies like Onimusha, LOTR, Marvel Universe, Fairy Tales (red riding hood =_= seriously!?), Alien, some horror movie I can’t remember, some sort of starcraft universe (modified), and the last I read it, the author had a cross over into terror infinity’s real world earth universe.

死亡名单 by 饕餮居士



[Chapter 35]     [Chapter 35 Adfly]


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