Quanzhi Fashi ch11

Quanzhi Fashi chapter 11

With a good mood, humming the tune of my little apple, Mo Fan walk towards the middle school. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzHFD1sEqpE << the Chinese version of my little apple)
Ming Wen middle school is an all girls private school where most of Xia city’s most pampered and fashionable girls are enrolled in.
Compared to other secondary schools, there is no magic education in this school but there’s a club where some of the members have even more knowledge than the compulsory 9 year magic education, moreover some of the club members even wear fully powered magic device as fashionable accessories.
These students are mostly second generation and more coming from a magicians’ family, wearing these device to nourish their spiritual force compared to Mo Fan who has to climb up step by step.
The road around the school are packed with many luxury cars, waiting for the time when school’s over, knowing Xin Xia’s temperament, she will go around and take the back exit instead, go through the small trail behind the school nearby the residential area and enjoy the fragrant smell of bamboo park.
Mo Fan walk past the school’s main gate and go towards the alley where the trail ends… and wait for his younger sister Xin Xia there.
Not many people know about this shortcut, but Mo Fan pass through other people’s yard and trod towards the familiar alley.
The world has changed, but this familiar city has not changed, the small bamboos enduring through winter by the alley still has not changed.
I guess Ye Xin Xian probably has not changed too.
Mo Fan lean against the wall at the alley, like a hooligan waiting to blackmail unknowing schoolboys, looking at the trail from time to time, thinking about surprising the girl, but after quite some time the girl still has not appear.
Why hasn’t she pass yet?
Mo Fan stood with a pose as if he’s giving up, close his eyes and almost as if a habit entered into spiritual meditation.
Suddenly from the direction of the hill across the alley, Mo Fan heard some loud voices which is usually cut off from the alley walls, but still passed into his ears….
Could my sharper senses be the side effects of cultivating?
Curious about it, Mo Fan walked towards the small hill.
Out of the alley directly opposite the foot of the mountain where his old house has been sold is a small hill about one kilometer away, next to the small hill is a small park which has vines wrapping around a wooden swing.
The swing was hanging straight without any trace of movement, on it is a girl with long black hair, the cold biting winds swept her hair, revealing her fine fair face, long eyelashes, delicate small nose and a glossy sweet pink colored lips. (玉润粉蜜的唇边 this is like jade sweet pink colored lips, I have no idea what kind of color sweet pink is)
The girl stared ahead with a quiet countenance, like a lotus flower blooming in the winter amidst the cold and desolate winter.
Mo Fan is stunned looking at her, not realizing that as he has quietly look at her sitting quietly atop the swing, his heart is filled with inexplicable burst of warmth as a smile crept onto his face.
As if woken from his reverie, Mo Fan felt that something is wrong (t/n: alternatively he felt a disturbance in the force), furrow his brows and walk towards the elegant girl sitting on the swing.
The girl also felt someone approaching, but is not surprised when she saw Mo Fan’s face, instead give a very gentle smile as if she knew that Mo Fan would come and she’s sitting there waiting for him.
“Mo Fan gege” as she called with the usual sweet voice.
“It’s that bunch of dogs again right?” said Mo Fan with a trace of anger in his face but Xin Xian stayed silent.
“I’m going to have to fuck them off today, this group of scum!!” Mo Fan with a heaving chest full of anger looked towards the hillside.
“They have many people with them, just forget about it…”
“I can’t let this one go, I’m going to clean some scum” said Mo Fan uncompromisingly as he go up the hill!
Xin Xian sitting by the side wanted to pull Mo Fan back but he has already walked up.
Xin Xian knows that with Mo Fan’s temper, as those hooligans mess with her, Mo Fan will go up to them and fight them instead, even as he manage to beat off some of them he’s always coming back home injured and this is what she doesn’t want the most.
These people are mostly small time local ruffians who have dropped out of school a long time ago, with a mix of some young students and called themselves the green bear gang (Qing Xiong, t/n seriously? Green bears?), to be more specific they become the lackeys of the group of rich girls from the school, bullying whoever they dislike.
There are at least 5 people right now, with two other people with a big sturdy body, much much bigger than Mo Fan, if they fight Mo Fan will definitely get beaten black and blue.
At the small pavilion on the hilltop.
“Hey Xu Bing, doing it like this it’s like you got no style at all…” said a teenager with cigarette dangling from his mouth as they play poker.
“no style? What do you mean? I made a sincere confession to her to be my girlfriend for sixteen times….. I’m now waiting by this small pavilion playing poker to give her some time to think about it?” said another guy Xu Bing, with a menacing look, a blue colored very conspicuous tattoo on his neck.
“Oh, well if she refuse you again, haha kaboom, double up” said the guy wearing cowboy hat with a hole on it.
“wtf you lucky bastard”
“Play a few rounds till it’s abit dark, I don’t believe that chick isn’t going to panic” said Xu Bing as his eyes squint, clearly enjoying her predicament.
“Well dealing with a woman like this, gotta be straightforward on this kind of shy shy girl a”
It’s too difficult to not want to do anything on this kinda naïve and sweet looking girl, anyone who saw her will drool, even if other people will say it as if a toad eating swan meat (giving pearl to swine), just get this girl and nobody can say anything anyway.
“Yes, I remember that chick has a brother, quite annoying” said another guy.
“That incapable guy, he doesn’t know how to fight anyway, just treat him like a sandbag, just hit and hit” said Xu Bing without any care.
“Yeah, I can deal with him alone, now that I got my muscles and packs, I need to try beating something”


7 thoughts on “Quanzhi Fashi ch11

  1. “The swing was hanging straight without any trace of movement, on it is a girl with long black hair, the cold biting winds swept her hair, revealing her fine fair face, long eyelashes, delicate small nose and a glossy sweet pink colored lips.”

    Why do they always use the most worthless perfect descriptions for all these girls that the mc’s meet. It’s actually getting a bit samey. You know, they can give them some personality like maybe an x shaped scar, freckles, or heck anything. But it’s always the same description all the time. “Pink lips” yeah if they were blue it would be a problem.


  2. are they really chinese? thoses fools, how can they desecrate the ancestors wisdom? the weak using skill to defeat the strong, damn waste


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