Quanzhi Fashi ch10

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“Come on, line up and report for duty!”

Mo Fan calm down and concentrate to once again attempt to control all seven stars simultaneously!

The first star is the most obedient child, after all it was the first star Mo Fan connected with every day, with a simple thought the lively star stopped moving and slowly orbiting the center of the star cluster.

The second little star give off a small resistance before following along the first star.

Followed by the third, fourth, fifth…

The sixth star followed along without resistance.

“Ou yeah, now it’s just you left!”

Mo Fan with his utmost focus, concentrate whatever’s left on this seventh star.

The seventh star started moving even faster before Mo Fan exert his control bringing it to a slow halt and with a little resistance slowly but surely moving along the proper orbital path.

good girl, good girl!!

Mo Fan seeing that the seventh small star finally falling in line feels a little excited.

If the other 6 stars are like 6 good dogs that will sit at a place obediently, this seventh star is like a cat, so damn restless and fickle…

Since you’re still under control right now, I’m going to bite the bullet.

Slowly, slowly….

The seventh star finally settled down and followed along the other 6 stars on the orbital path.

Suddenly, orbital path within the star cluster radiate with charming brilliance, streaking with purple colored lightning along the orbital path with the first star as if pulling the other 6 stars move along the orbital path like a meteor with a magnificent purple dust tail.

The stars are on the path!

Now to cast the spell!

Mo Fan wearing a black jacket sat at the rearmost seat in the bus, suddenly a strand of magic pathway appears circling Mo Fan’s body as the lightning element pathway briefly flash in purple, covering Mo Fan with a sense of unusual power.

『Lightning Strike』!!!

I can finally use『Lightning Strike』!!!

Mo Fan rejoice greatly and couldn’t help not to laugh!

“Zi Zi Zi ~~~~~~”

On his right arm, arcs of purple lightning cover his arm as if it was a snake, as long as he willed it the lightning will immediately fly towards the bus!

“Oh my god!!”

“Magician! There’s a magician!!”

“Eh, a lightning magician… wait a second… why am I feeling numb….”

In the bus were many outcries nearby, the old aunt with her lunch box, the old uncle who’s coming home from the gym, the girl playing on the phone, and the pervert molesting the girl playing the phone with his other hand were looking at Mo Fan in shock.

“O great… great magician, I… I will not do it again, please… I beg you to let me off…” as the thin middle man kneeled on the ground in fear, begging Mo Fan for mercy with tearful eyes and snotty nose.

The middle aged pervert thought that the young magician saw his wretched behavior and use his lightning magic in anger.

This power of lightning is rather intimidating, everybody in the bus could feel as if they were numbed from electric shock, especially the molester both his hands feels as if they were paralyzed out of fear.

“I’ll spare your dog life, the next time I see you, I’ll cut off both your hands!” as Mo Fan stood up abruptly and give the molester a stern look.

“Yes, yes, definitely no next time, I promise no more next time” the molester scrambled out of the bus as the bus stopped.

The aunts and uncles around responded with praise, even some of the young boys look at Mo Fan with admiration in their eyes.

“Mommy, that big brother is so amazing a, can I be like him when I grow up?” asked a seven year old boy tugging her mother’s skirt feebly.

“Not everyone get the chance to become magician… let alone lightning element magician”

Realizing that his magic has cause a commotion in the bus, Mo Fan hurriedly get off the bus at the next stop.

Walking his way, Mo Fan couldn’t calm his excitement.

So awesome, so fucking awesome!!! (t/n: I really wanted to use omgwtfbbqimmagrass but they said, don’t feed the troll within)

Recalling that feeling of lightning coursing through his arm, with just a thought he can make people shit their pants in fear, unrivalled power, this is like a dream come true a!

This is magic??

This is really magic!!

Mo Fan could feel his heart beating so hard, even if he did not actually shoot the spell to anything, Mo Fan could feel the power of the lightning element pouring out of his spiritual world and control it however he wants it, giving him such feeling of power he didn’t believe existed before.

Everyone in the bus was looking at him with such reverence with that pervert that wet his pants kneeling on the ground begging for mercy as lightning courses around his arm.

This is quite the novel and fun experience!!

“Ha ha ha ha, I’ve learned to use lightning magic in only one semester, not even Mu Bai can stop me now muahahahahaha!!

The school’s deadline on learning to cast magic is one year but Mo Fan actually manage to cast magic in a mere six months!

From the start of school to the end of the semester it’s only been 5 months, if this fact is make public his classmates and teachers, even other schools will be astonished.

That magical beast teacher’s recently boasted that the genius in his class Huang Ming Kai can now control 4 small stars just like how Mu Bai can control 4 stars.

Ha Ha Ha, I can now cast the first elementary magic, if Mu Bai knows he’ll turn green from envy!!

As the power of lightning magic arcs around my arm I could feel them wanting to rush out, I wonder how it’ll be if I release them, omg the more I think of how awesome it could be the more excited I feel.

Calm down, take a deep breath, I can’t laugh like an idiot in the middle of the road, I need to calm down, I’m now a great magician yo!

Mo Fan really wanted to try to cast magic once again, but just after use that magic on the bus he could feel that his whole body feels a little empty and dizzy.

“Is this what the spiritual force exhaustion the teacher talk about??” said Mo Fan to himself.

Usually Mo Fan could practice his control for around two hours, any more than two hours Mo Fan will feel spiritually exhausted.

He did practice for about 20 minutes on the bus, but that lightning magic makes him feel quite exhausted already.

Mo Fan thinks that this is caused by the incomplete spiritual path that was formed while it was transitioning from control to casting, it shouldn’t cost that much mana to establish control in the first place but if he can form the proper complete spiritual path from the stars to his body along with proper magic casting it should only take about half of his mana!



14 thoughts on “Quanzhi Fashi ch10

  1. The main character is very annoying (the other comically evil characters are even more so. Do such people even exist? Maybe in China they are common? When I was young I didn’t even know who anyones parents’ jobs are). Everyone looks down upon him is because he never actually shows his hard work or ability to everyone and it was his fault that he was late to class. How would the teacher know he can connect 6 stars? On the other hand, this novel is a very accurate glimpse into the mind of a typical idiot teenager who believes that everyone is out to get them for no reason (except for the obvious classist student).


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