Quanzhi Fashi ch 17

well… why I’m a grasswtfbbq? Please refer to the pitiful guy who had to eat grass because of the circumstances >.<.
Tang Yue stood leisurely at the middle of the practice ground, the graceful curve of her figure outlined as her skirt flapped lightly, and perhaps it’s her first time teaching otherwise she probably wouldn’t wear such tight clothes that’s practically giving the students free eye candies.
“When you enter into spiritual meditation, keeping your calm and focus, even when I’m talking like this, my entire mind is fully concentrated on my fire element star…. Focusing within the star system” said teacher Tang Yue.
Teacher Tang Yue’s voice drifted to every students and just as it feels as if teacher Tang Yue stood there quietly like a statue, suddenly her curly hairs looks as if it’s waving. There were no wind at the entire practice ground but her hair blows as if a surge of hot air is present.
“Control… you beckon to the star, make your stars obey your instructions, open the magic pathway of the fire element!” teacher Tang Yue’s soft voice turned into one with amazing majesty and pride that could burn everything that stands in her way.
Right at this moment, all the boys mind that is full of dirty thoughts has turned into one of awe. They widened their appalled eyes at this beautiful teacher.
This… Yes, what they feel right now on their face that comes from teacher Tang Yue is the heat from the flame. There are surprise, awe, and the reverence for the unparalleled might of the magic!
We thought that this newly arriving teacher is just an ordinary teacher just like the previous old man she will also be teaching magic theory, but who would have thought that this young looking new teacher Tang Yue uses magic like she has learn how to do it for a very long time. Unlike the old man teacher teacher Tang Yue could lecture while controlling her stars and the power of her spell just from the intensity of the fire alone is entirely many levels above that old man, like a pillar of flames!
“Remember, after the aligning the stars for the magic pathway, you must not let up the control over them but immediately move them to the pathway positions!!”
The commanding voice shout once more. “Fire Wave”
Such voice works like a magic bell, bringing everyone’s mind to focus.
At the same time from teacher Tang Yue’s whole body appeared a striking red colored star pathways floating around her before quickly gathering around and quickly condensing on her fair and delicate right hand.
Gripping her palm slightly, a group of red colored hot energy converge violently on her palm and then thrown! That fire magic shot forward like an arrow, a streak of red blooming in the air as it penetrate through the practice target like a bullet.
“Nothing is happening?”
“It obviously hit ah!”
A solemn atmosphere went on for a while on the practice ground when the fire magic hit the practice target but nothing happened before teacher Tang Yue seems to have a momentum similar to when she cast the fire magic.
Among doubtful voices, teacher Tang Yue slowly turn to look at the immature face of class 8 students, her face filled with a confident smile.
All of sudden, a startling crimson fire roar from within the target practice, not the kind of slow igniting fire but a crazy dance of fire just like a spontaneous combustion! The still intact practice target is instantly engulfed in flames!!!
A second? Or two seconds??
There was nothing in the air earlier but this flame is like a hungry devouring beast, just in the span of two seconds the whole practice target is on fire now!!
The glaring hot flames behind her beautiful curly hair dyed teacher’s fair face bright red. The slight hint of smile with the background of maliciously burning flame have put into the mind of people who look at this gorgeous teacher with a sentence that describe this beautiful girl isn’t just an eye candy!
The whole of the class 8 students stared at the teacher and the burning practice target…
Mo Fan doesn’t know how others feel about this, but he is certainly feeling his heart pounding like crazy, not just because of the tempting teacher but also that confidence and elegance she exudes when she control that fire magic making him filled with worship and fear!
If a woman is only beautiful, people can always bring her up in their imagination, but this teacher have the strength and power to be untouchable, such combination is like an addictive poison once taken a man won’t be able to get away from it!
Only god will know after this scene how many boys will list this teacher as their fantasy goddess, but Mo Fan for sure have been captivated. Compared to other practical magic teacher even the old man will be noticeably tired after casting magic once, but Mo Fan is shocked and finds himself unable to calm down when this teacher Tang Yue shows no sign of exhaustion.
Not even on the same level ah!!
“Well, who are the fire element students in our class? I cannot remember them” Teacher Tang Yue seems to see the eyes of students worshipping her as a very common thing and continue to teach the class.
“I’m fire element” said a girl wearing a few ribbons on her hair, the girl who stood out during the awakening ceremony Zhou Min.
Zhou min has been staring at teacher Tang Yue from the start. It appears that she did not like her at all, how can a teacher dress so hot and sound so gentle! However after the display of power Zhou Min’s heart took a turn around and worship and admire the teacher instead.
Zhou Min’s mother is also a teacher but she certainly can’t use magic like how teacher Tang Yue did it whether it’s power, skill, accuracy or its intensity!
“Me too, me too tang yue teacher!! I’m also fire element, I’m Huang Fei Feng” said another boy who awakened fire element with an excited expression on his face.
Anyone knows that for practical magic students of the same element with the teacher gets a certain level of special guidance like a disciple ah! Huang Fei Feng feels quite happy to be suddenly becoming teacher Tang Yue’s disciple, who’s to say that this teacher will not only like his talent and fell in love with him, in the future he can be her little lover! (t/n: 小龙女 this one is a reference to a classic Chinese story the return of the condor heroes, Xiao Long Nu or the female protagonist is the teacher of this protagonist who later went on the forbidden love between master and disciple https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiaolongn%C3%BC )
“Don’t stop me T_T I’m going to the roof, why didn’t I awaken fire element… why ah!!” said Lu Xiao Bin who awakened water element crying.
“Teeach, Teacher I’m fire element too, I.. I’m Zhao Da Niu” said another boy stutteringly with a beet red face. (t/n: yeeep author’s sense of naming… shy big cow -__-)
Well… looking at this small thin boy it’s rather concerning…
Teacher Tang Yue looked at the little boy and chuckle a bit before asking “You’re obviously very thin, why your family named you Da Niu?”
“I… because my body is weak, perhaps my parents hope that I will grow up as strong as a big cow?”
“Your parents should have actually name you Zhao Kuai Zui instead” quipped Zhao Kun San with his cheap mouth ridiculing Da Niu’s stuttering. (T/n: kuai zui is a parrot)
“Ah? Just those?” as she look around the class.
Just three in the class? There’s one less…
From the look of it, it seems that only the girl Zhou Min have a good cultivation progress.
“And me, I’m Mo Fan” said Mo Fan after he recovered from the shock and walked out of the crowd.


Quanzhi Fashi ch16

“Is dad alright going into the mountain?” asked Mo Fan.
“I’ve got no idea, the city has issued a warning for all citizens to not go anywhere near the forest areas. Your dad said that a team of non hunters has did the supply run to the outpost near the one eyed wolf’s forest nest… Regardless, no matter how I persuade him he still go on and do this dangerous thing” said Mo Qing.
Mo Fan’s face change after realizing the danger of this.
“But the price is also well worth the pay though… they’re getting what’s paid for apprentice magician… but even with all that money if something happened to him…. I don’t even know how to go about hit…” said Mo Qing in anguish.
“Aunty, don’t worry too much, I’m sure he will be careful about this, nothing bad will happen to him… their team is just sending supplies to a designated outpost, the road along the way to the outpost is a secured road too” said Ye Xin Xia.
“Sigh… I still hope that he’ll just work in the city so I don’t have to worry about him like this…” muttered Mo Qing.
Listening to aunt Mo Qing complaining about this gives Mo Fan a bad feeling.
No wonder Mo Fan hasn’t seen his father at all for the past six months, he went and took did work that requires him to go outside the city on a supply run. Even for magicians there’s still risk of death let alone people without magic, but none of the magicians will do this kind of work for a pittance.
Mo Fan hasn’t been idle at his aunt’s place during the holiday, almost every day Mo Fan will go back to Tian Lan magic highschool’s library.
He needed to know a lot of common knowledge, for instance this Black Church.
These people are like terrorist organization, like a big cult, and their range of activities often harm the safety and life of people, furthermore for their own ends they will even use living people as practicing tools, these kind of assholes doesn’t deserve any mercy!
The other thing he has kept up is spiritual cultivation, after knowing that his lightning element star could only cast two spells before depleting their mana, Mo Fan understand the importance of spiritual cultivation better. The whole holiday has been focused on cultivating the fire element magic, even after successfully establishing control over lightning element he still needed to do it step by step for a different element. Regardless of the temptation to establish control straight away so that he can use fire wave as soon as possible Mo Fan continues to cultivate the foundation for fire magic.
Engrossed in the habit of spiritual cultivation, times flies as an arrow, the school holiday has ended. Mo Fan is cleaning the cobwebs in the library before class time. With the rang of the bell, Mo Fan goes to his usual last row position.
Seems like there’s something odd today.
Mo Fan looked at Zhang Hou and found that he’s rather off.
This guy’s eyes always looks like a curious little monkey with cunning look and he’ll pretend to not listen to the class at all.
But today, his eyes are steady, mouth slightly open with an intoxicated bewildered look on his face.
Looking around, Xu Qing Lin, Lu Xiao Bin these other two lecher along with Zhang Hou….!
Ah? Didn’t aunt Mo Qing said about some evil-eyed marsh monster lurking around the city? All these guys got bewitched or something!!
“Good morning students, your practical magic teacher and homeroom teacher is sick and is recuperating at home, starting today I will be your homeroom teacher and I will be in charge of practical magic class. I’m Tang Yue!” said a mature bright voice.
Been used to the hoarse and slow old man voice, all of sudden there’s the gentle voice of a mature woman filled with charm and sexiness, even sleepy Mo Fan suddenly woke up!
Following the voice and looking up, Mo Fan’s dull eyes were enchanted too!
Omg it’s not some friggin bewitching evil eye marsh monster, it’s clearly the hormones of teenage boys shocked by this beautiful teacher.
Teacher Tang Yue wore a standard black skirt, black suit with white inner shirt. The pair of glamorous peaks looks so full that the little button on the shirt looks like a little doorman with his back against the door and whatever inside is bursting out!
This is… pretty terrible
For the boys to get this kind of stimuli early in the morning probably most of the boys will have their little brother up and about.
“Since everyone have just awaken their magic six months ago and nobody can do casting yet, I hope you understand that such great power also requires great control over it otherwise if you lose control over your own power it’ll even backfire on yourself!” said teacher Tang Yue as she starts her lecture.
With such serious tone, most of the little tyrants have also recovered from the initial surprise, she started on the blackboard and write some important aspects of her lecture while the rest of the class fix their nosebleed.
Holy shit… that roundness, Mo Fan believes that within the minds of all the normal boys they’re daydreaming the same thing.
Such a sacred school time, can’t be addle minded, I need to put my focus to studying instead of letting the little bro take over the mind. That said, I’m definitely not wearing tight pants to the practical magic class, I’m not about to let the little tyrant get in the way like a growing ivy. (t/n: seriously, I missed a lot of the authors’ dick jokes/teenage hormone delusion jokes here lol)
The morning class starts with a practical magic class followed by theoretical magic class. Teacher Tang Yue will be doing it in the practice ground and will personally give guidance on the spell casting.
Seriously paying attention to the class, teacher Tang Yue is lecture about the cost of spell cast being different for each elements, but comparing it to Mo Fan’s own experience, he’s wondering how keep up casting spells and didn’t get tired at all?
The practice ground is made of several disjointed barriers where magic power that spilled off the cast gets absorbed by these invisible barriers to prevent injuries outside.
“Watch, I will demonstrate fire element spell fire wave” said teacher Tang Yue standing in the center of the ground.
The students surrounded in a half arc group behind the teacher without even needing teacher Tang Yue to tell them to.
“Fire element spell ah, Mo Fan ge… you should wipe that drool off ah! Can’t believe just looking at that gentle virtuous looking face… Teacher Tang Yue turned out to be a fire magician!” said Zhang Hou while he give him a pat.
“Oooooh! I’m going to learn this fire spell!” react Mo Fan

Quanzhi Fashi ch15

Author is using energy and mana alternatively from this chapter onwards… and the plot is finally starting to move
I return with Ye Xin Xia to our aunt’s place to have dinner, I planned to continue cultivating my thunder element but when I get on the cultivation routine as usual, an immediate splitting headache that feels like playing league of legends for three days nonstop, the whole body feels like it’s being hung upside down. (T/N: can someone corroborate to this? lOl 3 days of nonstop gaming)
What the hell is going on??
My whole mind is at rock bottom.
Could it be caused by using the spell twice? Is it possible that the excessive usage of magic is causing extreme spiritual fatigue?
There shouldn’t be any other usage, I didn’t actually fully cast it on the bus but it might still count as casting it twice and draining all my mana?
The thought of spending five months on cultivating the element, believing that the magic power capacity within the star is large enough, but just using them for two lightning spells and the whole lightning element star is feeling rather bleak now.
The usual lightning element star in the spiritual world is usually more colorful, with brilliant purple radiance from the seven small stars echoing in the void, but now the whole star system has lost its luster and gone dark.
Mo Fan was shocked, but calming down himself to rest he begin to notice the lightning element stars slowly recovering its radiance albeit slowly!
“It seems that while it’s at higher capacity the star will shine brighter and will lost some of its brilliance on each attempt to cast, and go completely dimmed when it runs out of lightning energy within”
The element star system itself is storing its elemental energy!
No wonder homeroom teacher Xue Mu Shen kept stressing every day that even when we’re bored we must continue to do spiritual cultivation, it doesn’t matter how talented a magician start out but without sufficient cultivation he/she will stay mediocre.
This whole thing can be summarized: it doesn’t matter how skillful you are, without any mana you’ll still be useless!
Whatever, I’ll think about these stuffs later, I really feel like passing out anytime soon!
Resting in the living room I slept very well until dawn.
This little girl Ye Xin Xia is rather cute, it’s almost midday now and she’s still not up yet.
Mo Fan got up from the bed feeling very refreshed.
Slipping into spiritual meditation, the view of the lightning star system has recover half its brightness it appears that it will soon recover its usual brilliance.
“Yeah, I shouldn’t expose this lightning element in front of strangers, although there’s still law in the current society jealousy knows no bound, if the Mu family found out that I have lightning element I don’t know what kind of shit will hit the fan… I have to cultivate the more common fire element and I could easily deceive everyone” thought Mo Fan about this problem while brushing his teeth.
Just cultivating on one lightning element is quite handful already, how do I get this lightning to be the wife and keep this fire element as the obedient concubine? (T/N alternatively: how do I continue to grow this lightning element while keeping fire element up to par?).
Mo Fan could cultivate lightning element to this point precisely because he put in all the efforts just onto it during the past five months regardless of how fascinating, charming, he cultivated lightning element with a single minded determination.
The annual magic assessment will be in the next six months, if he doesn’t want to show lightning element to others then the only choice is to cultivate fire element in the next semester. However doing so will stall the growth of lightning element, without spiritual cultivation the specific element will not become stronger!
Mo Fan have to make small changes to his original cultivation program.
With the yearly magic examination in about six months’ time, the coming days will require a ten hours a day spiritual cultivation with eight hours on fire element and the remaining two hours on lightning element.
Lightning element will grow very slowly but Mo Fan will still be able to maintain his current mastery over it to a certain extent. It’s quite a blessing to be able to spend eight hours a day on fire element as compared to other students with only five hours a day.
During the lunch time, aunt Mo Qing came back home from work.
Aunt Mo Qing could be considered the most ordinary of ordinary women, a lanky body, a yellow face, the appearance of a good person.
“Mo Fan a, I heard your father told me about you cultivating magic in Tian Lan magic high school! You better work hard o, if you can become elementary magician our family lineage will have magicians again!” said Mo Qing.
Elementary magician in the family lineage??
Our family has been dirt poor for so long, I don’t know when it was that we have a magician ancestor!?
“How about that, why isn’t he around?” asked Mo Fan.
“He’s sending supplies to the mountains for those hunters, I really don’t understand… he’s an ordinary human but I’m not sure where he got the guts to go to the wild mountains, if he encounter those magical beasts they’ll just swallow him whole ah!!” complained Mo Qing.
“Magical beasts staying in the woods are quite far from surrounding city areas right?” said Mo Fan.
Different from the safe environment in the city area, the urban areas near the city outskirts are still quite dangerous with occasional life threatening magical beasts, not to mention ordinary humans going further out of the city limits where even magicians are often killed there.
“What kind of hole did you crawl out? Didn’t you see the warning from hunter’s union warning about the recent magical beasts roaming near the city outskirts? Some magical beasts have been sighted more frequently outside of Bo City limits, we’ve been warned to never go anywhere outside the secure perimeter of the city” said Mo Qing
“It’s not so exaggerated right?” said Mo Fan with a smile.
Mo Fan was rather shocked at this, from the books and articles he read normally magical beasts stay rather far away from any human inhabited city and major organizations such as the famous magic associations, governments and the big magic family regularly patrol areas around the city to ensure the citizen’s safety.
“You ah, you’ve gone stupid from reading too much books. What do you think? What kind of mayor doesn’t way to have a peaceful and prosperous city ah, even if the magical beasts invade the city in order to avoid mass panic they’ll even have to say that everything is in control, in fact closer to the outskirts there’s always magical beasts of some sorts even within the city itself. We just don’t see it near the homes of ordinary humans yet” said Mo Qing with a subdued voice.
Mo Fan was shocked to hear it but still smiled and replied “Auntie, you gotta be too paranoid!”
“well kid, believe it or not I’ll tell you a true story. You know I work in the hospital so it’s not gossip or second hand news”
“ok” nodded Mo Fan
Fortunately, Mo Qing didn’t start which hospital she’s working at otherwise Mo Fan will bored listening to it.
“One night, I went to fetch the meds the doctor need, it seems that the patient in the operating room is an magician, they did something to Dr.Want and I even heard this: even if you’re an apprentice doctor who can’t tell poison marsh to poison water, all the staff here has been hypnotized and won’t remember anything, go go go, let’s quickly return to the hunter’s union and search for that evil-eyed marsh beast before there are more victims in the area!” said Mo Qing with a careful tone.
Mo Qin doesn’t look like she’ fabricating it.
There isn’t actually any magical beasts roaming around the city or even in the city right?!?
This will be too horrible, any encounter with any kind of magical beasts will literally spell death!

Quanzhi Fashi ch14

black out… more blackout!!! yyyyy
It’s great that he’s fine!
Ye Xin Xia’s heart finally calmed down.
“Xin Xia, I’ve dealt with those punks, they will never come back and trouble you” as Mo Fan bring the wheelchair to Xin Xia
“I just saw a ray of lightning, it looks like lightning elementary spell” said Ye Xin Xia.
Mo Fan laugh and with a face full of pride look deep into Xin Xia’s pair of eyes.
Xin Xia with a careful thought suddenly flashed her eyes full of surprise.
“Mo Fan ge casted that lightning spell?”
Mo Fan doesn’t say it but admit it with a smile.
“Really? Mo Fan ge is a magician??” said Ye Xin Xia with a bewildered tone.
“Haha, you’re some of the first to see my true power!” said Mo Fan with a headstrong tone as he very suddenly pop in close to Xin Xia’s face
Ye Xin Xia didn’t expect this sudden attack, all of sudden blushes so hard even to the neck.
Mo Fan realizing that he got too carried away, quickly explained himself “I’m sorry, I just got too excited!”
Ye Xin Xia’s voice is as soft as a mosquito asked “That light…. Are you really a magician?”
Mo Fan nodded.
“Our teacher said that awakening lightning element is one in about a thousand apprentice. In the elementary level, lightning element’s power is overwhelming when compared to any other elements and is ranked first in the elementary level element” Ye Xin Xia felt happy for Mo Fan about this.
Ye Xin Xia is aware of their family’s circumstances, not to mention that in she was left in the care of the Mo family without any clear reason too, aunty said that uncle Mo Xing sold the house and the family’s financial is in dire straits.
She and Mo Fan is still young, and it’s quite difficult to help uncle Mo Xing, the only thing that can be done right now is to become a real magician and then help ease the family crisis.
But honestly, Mo Fan ge is really powerful, he can even learn magic in such a short time…
Hey that’s weird!
Suddenly Ye Xin Xia’s realized something and that pair of beautiful eyes were no longer looking at Mo Fan.
Mo Fan in all seriousness asked “What’s wrong?”
“You awaken your element in less than six months, as far as I know other talented people needed close to a year to completely and properly cast elementary spell” said Ye Xin Xia
Mo Fan was shocked in surprise. Errr talented people with good awakening need a year’s time??
That… I only need six months to be able to cast elementary magic, that is actually very fast!
The only problem is that Mo Fan doesn’t know about this.
From what he know, that idiot Mu Bai have control up to his 4th star and is working on the 5th star, isn’t my magic awakening just as normal too?
Erghh, why did Ye Xin Xia’s astonished look feels as if she’s looking at a monster?
Could it be that taking less than six months to master an elementary spell really be extraordinary??
“You just said talented people needs a year but what kind of talent level are there?” Mo Fan asked cautiously.
Mo Fan did not want to expose his ignorance of common sense in this current world.
“Mu Ning Xue is considered the most talented of Bo city, even comparable to the geniuses of the empire apprentices, but from her awakening to the time she cast her elementary spell took eight months’ time” said Ye Xin Xia.
“Eight… Eight months?” said Mo Fan dumbfounded.
What kind of person is Mu Ning Xue?
She’s the only person from Bo city that was immediately admitted to Empire University, within Mu Family itself she’s the apple of their eyes, from childhood she’s supported by the entire heritage and magical resources of the Mu Family, no common walking the path of magician could get this privileges.
The reason many things revolves around her is because of her amazing magic talent!
But even such woman in her arrogance also needed eight months to cast her first spell, but I only took five months???
Holy fuck!!
Mo Fan’s feeling is burning excitedly!
If Mu Ning Xue’s eight months shocked the world, and with that she’s known for her excellent talent, then his five months will send the world to oblivion a!!
“Mo Fan ge, you… you’re not learning bad stuffs right…. I heard from an old scholar, he said that the only kind of people with this kind of cultivation speed are those from the black church” whispered Ye Xin Xia quietly.
The methods of black church might allow a magician to greatly enhance their cultivation speed, but Ye Xin Xia couldn’t think of how to help a person to reach elementary magic in just five months, although Ye Xin Xia knows that Mo Fan gege is a very intelligent person…
“Black church? How is that possible… oh right… Actually I didn’t awaken the opening day of school, I met an old man earlier, he said hey young man! I can see your extraordinary talent, it’s better to learn magic earlier, and so I asked him, who are you uncle, he told me that he’s a member of the magic association, he could help me go through awakening… so all in all I didn’t take five months to get to that stage” Mo Fan quickly responded with an explanation.
Ye Xin Xia listened to his silly explanation about this but with a perfect smile said “when the element is first awakened, although the awakening is ahead of time there might be side effects on cultivation but since it’s someone from the magic association, there shouldn’t be a lot of problem”
Mo Fan was finally relieved that Ye Xin Xia didn’t pursue the matter further.
Damn it, I really feel like a monster now, it seems that before I fully understand the common sense of this world I really shouldn’t expose myself too much.
“Five months of cultivation, is really only by the black church?” asked Mo Fan weakly.
“Yes” nodded Ye Xin Xia seriously.
Mo Fan was getting some cold sweat there!
Too awesome isn’t a very good thing… He originally wanted to give Ye Xin Xia another surprise about his additional fire element awakening, now it seems that it’s not a very good time to bring this up…
Now I need to go back and look up the books, to find out what all this is about, he can’t be careless about this or he’ll be branded as people from the black church and be dealt with!

Quanzhi Fashi ch13

At the small pavilion, the buzzing and brilliant purple magical energy quickly subside.
The air is filled with the smell of charred flesh. Some of the plants around the pavilion were charred too.
On the ground are two punks are still convulsing from time to time, looking miserable like fish out of water.
The other three people has been thoroughly scared…
“Big bro Mo Fan…. We grew up around the same place too… mercy please… spare our life… we’ll no longer do it…!” Said the guy who’s smoking, in his eyes Mo Fan is a nightmare more terrible than the devil!
“You… you… great magician, please give mercy on our group of scum, we beg you to spare us” said the man wearing jeans as he tremble.
The two punks on the ground are just too horrifying, the other punks do not want to become like that!
The anger in Mo Fan’s heart subsided along with the casting of 『Lightning Strike』 as he look despicably at the two lightly charred men, and the horrified look on the other three.
“Send them to the hospital” Mo Fan said calmly.
Actually Mo Fan did not expect the power of the elementary lightning skill to actually do so much!
This should be his first proper spell cast, if his mastery over it is a little higher, with better control and without hesitation in focusing the power, just this basic spell and it’ll destroy the pavilion and sent along the five punks to their death.
In a way, it’s a blessing that nobody died otherwise this whole fiasco will be really troublesome!
“Yes yes yes we’ll do it, we’ll get out now” said the teenager with the cowboy hat as if getting a new lease on life.
The other two people did not dare to dwell on it and hurriedly went to lift up the paralyzed people on the ground….
But just when they were about to touch them, they shivered when residual lightning sparked out of the paralyzed body.
“Call an ambulance, you’ll pay for the medical expenses yourself” said Mo Fan coldly.
“Yes I called them”
For Mo Fan his anger has disappeared however it was quite difficult to conceal the enthusiasm in his heart at this success but right now he can’t afford to show that silly ecstatic look on his face. He went over to the pavilion, swept the cards off the wheelchair and promptly bring it down the stairs.
The trio watched Mo Fan with fear lingering in their heart. All of sudden he turned back, scaring the other three out of their mind.
“oh yeah, if someone asked you can tell them that they’re stealing electricity, if you dare spread out the thing about me being magician, I will make sure you will silent forever. Anyway, I heard that the police don’t really care about magician caused casualty, especially when it’s a scumbag of the society provoking the magician” reminded Mo Fan.
The trio nodded like a woodpecker and couldn’t be more obedient.
“About this thing to Zhao Kun San and Mu Bai there, you know how to deal with it with your IQ? Said Mo Fan casually.
“We… we didn’t find you”
“OK, smart, this thing if they found out and if I know about it later, you know what I can do right?”
“Yes yes, Mo Fan boss, have a good day sir” three people bowing with respect and fear.
Mo Fan nodded and carried the wheelchair away.
With this kind of cruel and brutality to start with and then let them off abit, Mo Fan believe that they will not be rash and reveal his thing.
Anyway, he’s now able to cast a real magic spell, that Mu Bai guy is still only apprentice magician, if these punks have any brains at all they’ll keep their mouth shut! Besides these five punks are merely pawns. When the time comes, I’ll collect what’s owed from those two bastards (or eggs)!
Down the hill, Mo Fan couldn’t help but laugh!!
A few months ago, he’s still in a classroom listening to boring history lecture, looking out of the window. He will never believe that now there are people riding the gusts of wind to fly to the distant mountains and beyond, even beating and bullying these vicious thugs with feels just like fantasy!
Who would have thought that he will actually feel it today!
With the power of lightning in his beck and call, they usual five ruffians that he usually can’t provoke can turn into some barbequed dogs if he wills it, it’s truly an unprecedented wonderful dream like feeling!
“This lightning element power is so strong, I wonder how the fire element will be…. The annual magic assessment will be in six months’ time, I should have the time to master this elementary fire spell 『Flame』” said Mo Fan excitedly.
However the elementary spells are not absolute in their ranking, it could be the weakest at start but at later stages the power will be different!
“Yes yes just like that wind element the teacher said, higher level wind element spells 『Wind Wings』 will allow people to fly…. Omg so awesome, if I could learn that 『Wind Wings』 I could go anywhere!!
After sometime, Mo Fan still have difficulties calming down his excitement, his thoughts are constantly going around thinking about what ifs and what nots of his magical knowledge, thinking about spells other cool and exciting spells a magician could learn!
Waiting on the swing, the girl with her hair down looked up and stare at the direction of the small pavilion behind the trees.
“Oh there’s a purple light…” mutters Ye Xin Xia
She saw a flash of purple radiance like a comet’s tail passing through the pavilion that disappeared quickly but the brilliant light is deeply committed to her memory.
“A magician?”
She finds it difficult to imagine that a magician would be around here.
Why is there a magician there where the group of punks are, and there’s magic casted too!
Mo Fan ge, is he alright??
Ye Xin Xia’s is very anxiously and unconsciously bite her lips at this thought.
Finally down the stairs, a familiar figure appeared, his hands carrying the wheelchair down and his face filled with…. Silly smiles??

Quanzhi Fashi ch12

Quanzhi Fashi chapter 12
The blackout has been happening often at night time =( tomorrow will be a double release.
“Say Xu Bing a, isn’t your taste a little odd? I know this chick looks nice but… there’s still the issue of whether you can do it with her or not” said the smoking teenager.
“I think so too”
“There are other pretty girls going to that school, rich too, just tease them abit and they’ll give in, why are you going through this trouble…?”
“You know ass a, this is called taste” said Xu Bing as he stared fiercely at the group of people.
These people were unhappy at Xu Bing’s words but looked up and saw a boy wearing a black jacket walking towards the small pavilion.
Hey… isn’t this guy looks familiar a?
Hahaha, speak of the devil this kid is that pretty chick’s brother, awesome.
This kid has been getting in my way since then, I’ve been looking forward to deal with him. I did not expect the fool to walk into my hand by himself, just these few brothers here will give you some good puching, let’s see if you dare to stick out like a sore thumb later!
“Brothers, get your wepuns” Xu Bing stood up and looked at him with a pair of cold eyes.
“Ge, we didn’t bring our stuffs” whispered the smoking guy to Xu Bing.
“Since it’s the guy Zhao Kun San ge told us about… hahaha we better take care of him well” as one of the guys took off his jacket to show off his muscles.
Mo Fan looked at these five scums calling themselves Green Bear Gang as if they’re animals.
“Well kid, tell you what, I like your this sister, it’s really her blessing that this Xu Bing fancy her, you think everyone is like Xu Bing that doesn’t mind that she’s a disabled person?… like this kind of people, probably only saints will want her, you know if someone else wants her, you should quickly worship him like a Buddha” said Xu Bing pointing his finger at Mo Fan.
After all the 16 confessions, Xu Bing’s patience has run out.
“Don’t be so troublesome”
“Now little brother, looking at you for family’s sake I’ll not treat you so bad, Zhao Kun San and Mu Bai wanted something from you a, if not dead then break your legs and let you accompany her with your wheelchair!” said the muscular guy wearing a white vest.
After hearing these words, Mo Fan was heaving dramatically, glancing at the small pavilion and certainly there is a wheelchair being used as a table with scattered cards on it.
At the start just looking at these scum using the Xin Xia’s wheelchair as a table for playing cards has already made him extremely angry and now with that provocation from Xu Bing, his chest feels like exploding!!
Disabled people??
Mo Fan sweared, whoever dared humiliate Ye Xin Xia, I will make him regret this life!
“Stop talking nonsense, now beat this kid to the ninth hell!!”
“I alone is enough, you few bros just watch me” said the muscular guy with a sneer
Mo Fan looked at him with a pair of cold eyes, however these small time ruffians didn’t notice that in Mo Fan’s eyes, he’s currently establishing the magic pathway for the purple lightning, along with Mo Fan’s anger bearing the enormous power of lighting like a volcano on the verge of eruption.
“Do you guys think I’m still that same old shit for brains idiot that was your punching bag?”
A restless force surrounds the air around Mo Fan like an army waiting for their general to give the command!
“I’ll let you animals get a good taste of lightning!”
Just as Mo Fan roars with anger, at this moment all the seven stars in a line run through the magic pathway as the entire power of the lightning element star courses through Mo Fan’s right arm!
Arcs of lightning slithered through Mo Fan’s body like a snake, a second later all these scattered lightning gathered on Mo Fan’s right arm crackling harshly.
“What is this!?!?”
“Why is there lightning crackles around his body!”
“This kid… FML, he’s a magician!!” said Xu Bing
Even though they’re quite well known gang around the area, even so in front of a real magician whatever might they have is just like trash!!
“How could he be a magician!!”
Xu Bing along with the group of other punks were extremely shocked and awed enough to wet their pants.
“Lightning force,『Lightning Strike』!!”
All the invocation has been completed, this time Mo Fan properly cast the elementary spell 『Lightning Strike』!
He suddenly raised his hand, palms open and all the arcs of lightning sent a sharp sound like a legion of purple armored warriors suddenly pulling out their weapons upon receiving orders!
“Destroy them!” Mo Fan with the exploding anger instinctively dominate the force of lightning to obey his commands.
As he clenched his fist, the arc of lightning was released towards the group of punks and Xu Bing. The arcs of lightning lashes like a whip towards the giant muscular punk first and then to Xu Bing, electrocuting them to the ground, leaving marks on the ground like a snake passes through!!!
Xu Bing and the sturdy muscular guy lies on the ground silently and still like a dead dog, but whips of lightning continues to lash on them breaking their raw skin and burning the tender flesh inside.
They wanted to scream from all the pain but even so the arcs of lightning are like python constricting their body in its entirety. Every now and then the lightning will appear and make the two punks continue to convulse severely again.
“PFFFFFTTTTT (spitting out his smoke)” as the terrible feeling as if a devil is just before them, the smoking teenager kneel and shiver on the ground in fear.
The other guy though is standing in shock, even though the 『Lightning Strike』 didn’t hit him but his pants is already all wet, dripping onto his shoes!

Quanzhi Fashi ch11

Quanzhi Fashi chapter 11

With a good mood, humming the tune of my little apple, Mo Fan walk towards the middle school. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzHFD1sEqpE << the Chinese version of my little apple)
Ming Wen middle school is an all girls private school where most of Xia city’s most pampered and fashionable girls are enrolled in.
Compared to other secondary schools, there is no magic education in this school but there’s a club where some of the members have even more knowledge than the compulsory 9 year magic education, moreover some of the club members even wear fully powered magic device as fashionable accessories.
These students are mostly second generation and more coming from a magicians’ family, wearing these device to nourish their spiritual force compared to Mo Fan who has to climb up step by step.
The road around the school are packed with many luxury cars, waiting for the time when school’s over, knowing Xin Xia’s temperament, she will go around and take the back exit instead, go through the small trail behind the school nearby the residential area and enjoy the fragrant smell of bamboo park.
Mo Fan walk past the school’s main gate and go towards the alley where the trail ends… and wait for his younger sister Xin Xia there.
Not many people know about this shortcut, but Mo Fan pass through other people’s yard and trod towards the familiar alley.
The world has changed, but this familiar city has not changed, the small bamboos enduring through winter by the alley still has not changed.
I guess Ye Xin Xian probably has not changed too.
Mo Fan lean against the wall at the alley, like a hooligan waiting to blackmail unknowing schoolboys, looking at the trail from time to time, thinking about surprising the girl, but after quite some time the girl still has not appear.
Why hasn’t she pass yet?
Mo Fan stood with a pose as if he’s giving up, close his eyes and almost as if a habit entered into spiritual meditation.
Suddenly from the direction of the hill across the alley, Mo Fan heard some loud voices which is usually cut off from the alley walls, but still passed into his ears….
Could my sharper senses be the side effects of cultivating?
Curious about it, Mo Fan walked towards the small hill.
Out of the alley directly opposite the foot of the mountain where his old house has been sold is a small hill about one kilometer away, next to the small hill is a small park which has vines wrapping around a wooden swing.
The swing was hanging straight without any trace of movement, on it is a girl with long black hair, the cold biting winds swept her hair, revealing her fine fair face, long eyelashes, delicate small nose and a glossy sweet pink colored lips. (玉润粉蜜的唇边 this is like jade sweet pink colored lips, I have no idea what kind of color sweet pink is)
The girl stared ahead with a quiet countenance, like a lotus flower blooming in the winter amidst the cold and desolate winter.
Mo Fan is stunned looking at her, not realizing that as he has quietly look at her sitting quietly atop the swing, his heart is filled with inexplicable burst of warmth as a smile crept onto his face.
As if woken from his reverie, Mo Fan felt that something is wrong (t/n: alternatively he felt a disturbance in the force), furrow his brows and walk towards the elegant girl sitting on the swing.
The girl also felt someone approaching, but is not surprised when she saw Mo Fan’s face, instead give a very gentle smile as if she knew that Mo Fan would come and she’s sitting there waiting for him.
“Mo Fan gege” as she called with the usual sweet voice.
“It’s that bunch of dogs again right?” said Mo Fan with a trace of anger in his face but Xin Xian stayed silent.
“I’m going to have to fuck them off today, this group of scum!!” Mo Fan with a heaving chest full of anger looked towards the hillside.
“They have many people with them, just forget about it…”
“I can’t let this one go, I’m going to clean some scum” said Mo Fan uncompromisingly as he go up the hill!
Xin Xian sitting by the side wanted to pull Mo Fan back but he has already walked up.
Xin Xian knows that with Mo Fan’s temper, as those hooligans mess with her, Mo Fan will go up to them and fight them instead, even as he manage to beat off some of them he’s always coming back home injured and this is what she doesn’t want the most.
These people are mostly small time local ruffians who have dropped out of school a long time ago, with a mix of some young students and called themselves the green bear gang (Qing Xiong, t/n seriously? Green bears?), to be more specific they become the lackeys of the group of rich girls from the school, bullying whoever they dislike.
There are at least 5 people right now, with two other people with a big sturdy body, much much bigger than Mo Fan, if they fight Mo Fan will definitely get beaten black and blue.
At the small pavilion on the hilltop.
“Hey Xu Bing, doing it like this it’s like you got no style at all…” said a teenager with cigarette dangling from his mouth as they play poker.
“no style? What do you mean? I made a sincere confession to her to be my girlfriend for sixteen times….. I’m now waiting by this small pavilion playing poker to give her some time to think about it?” said another guy Xu Bing, with a menacing look, a blue colored very conspicuous tattoo on his neck.
“Oh, well if she refuse you again, haha kaboom, double up” said the guy wearing cowboy hat with a hole on it.
“wtf you lucky bastard”
“Play a few rounds till it’s abit dark, I don’t believe that chick isn’t going to panic” said Xu Bing as his eyes squint, clearly enjoying her predicament.
“Well dealing with a woman like this, gotta be straightforward on this kind of shy shy girl a”
It’s too difficult to not want to do anything on this kinda naïve and sweet looking girl, anyone who saw her will drool, even if other people will say it as if a toad eating swan meat (giving pearl to swine), just get this girl and nobody can say anything anyway.
“Yes, I remember that chick has a brother, quite annoying” said another guy.
“That incapable guy, he doesn’t know how to fight anyway, just treat him like a sandbag, just hit and hit” said Xu Bing without any care.
“Yeah, I can deal with him alone, now that I got my muscles and packs, I need to try beating something”

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Quanzhi Fashi ch10

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“Come on, line up and report for duty!”

Mo Fan calm down and concentrate to once again attempt to control all seven stars simultaneously!

The first star is the most obedient child, after all it was the first star Mo Fan connected with every day, with a simple thought the lively star stopped moving and slowly orbiting the center of the star cluster.

The second little star give off a small resistance before following along the first star.

Followed by the third, fourth, fifth…

The sixth star followed along without resistance.

“Ou yeah, now it’s just you left!”

Mo Fan with his utmost focus, concentrate whatever’s left on this seventh star.

The seventh star started moving even faster before Mo Fan exert his control bringing it to a slow halt and with a little resistance slowly but surely moving along the proper orbital path.

good girl, good girl!!

Mo Fan seeing that the seventh small star finally falling in line feels a little excited.

If the other 6 stars are like 6 good dogs that will sit at a place obediently, this seventh star is like a cat, so damn restless and fickle…

Since you’re still under control right now, I’m going to bite the bullet.

Slowly, slowly….

The seventh star finally settled down and followed along the other 6 stars on the orbital path.

Suddenly, orbital path within the star cluster radiate with charming brilliance, streaking with purple colored lightning along the orbital path with the first star as if pulling the other 6 stars move along the orbital path like a meteor with a magnificent purple dust tail.

The stars are on the path!

Now to cast the spell!

Mo Fan wearing a black jacket sat at the rearmost seat in the bus, suddenly a strand of magic pathway appears circling Mo Fan’s body as the lightning element pathway briefly flash in purple, covering Mo Fan with a sense of unusual power.

『Lightning Strike』!!!

I can finally use『Lightning Strike』!!!

Mo Fan rejoice greatly and couldn’t help not to laugh!

“Zi Zi Zi ~~~~~~”

On his right arm, arcs of purple lightning cover his arm as if it was a snake, as long as he willed it the lightning will immediately fly towards the bus!

“Oh my god!!”

“Magician! There’s a magician!!”

“Eh, a lightning magician… wait a second… why am I feeling numb….”

In the bus were many outcries nearby, the old aunt with her lunch box, the old uncle who’s coming home from the gym, the girl playing on the phone, and the pervert molesting the girl playing the phone with his other hand were looking at Mo Fan in shock.

“O great… great magician, I… I will not do it again, please… I beg you to let me off…” as the thin middle man kneeled on the ground in fear, begging Mo Fan for mercy with tearful eyes and snotty nose.

The middle aged pervert thought that the young magician saw his wretched behavior and use his lightning magic in anger.

This power of lightning is rather intimidating, everybody in the bus could feel as if they were numbed from electric shock, especially the molester both his hands feels as if they were paralyzed out of fear.

“I’ll spare your dog life, the next time I see you, I’ll cut off both your hands!” as Mo Fan stood up abruptly and give the molester a stern look.

“Yes, yes, definitely no next time, I promise no more next time” the molester scrambled out of the bus as the bus stopped.

The aunts and uncles around responded with praise, even some of the young boys look at Mo Fan with admiration in their eyes.

“Mommy, that big brother is so amazing a, can I be like him when I grow up?” asked a seven year old boy tugging her mother’s skirt feebly.

“Not everyone get the chance to become magician… let alone lightning element magician”

Realizing that his magic has cause a commotion in the bus, Mo Fan hurriedly get off the bus at the next stop.

Walking his way, Mo Fan couldn’t calm his excitement.

So awesome, so fucking awesome!!! (t/n: I really wanted to use omgwtfbbqimmagrass but they said, don’t feed the troll within)

Recalling that feeling of lightning coursing through his arm, with just a thought he can make people shit their pants in fear, unrivalled power, this is like a dream come true a!

This is magic??

This is really magic!!

Mo Fan could feel his heart beating so hard, even if he did not actually shoot the spell to anything, Mo Fan could feel the power of the lightning element pouring out of his spiritual world and control it however he wants it, giving him such feeling of power he didn’t believe existed before.

Everyone in the bus was looking at him with such reverence with that pervert that wet his pants kneeling on the ground begging for mercy as lightning courses around his arm.

This is quite the novel and fun experience!!

“Ha ha ha ha, I’ve learned to use lightning magic in only one semester, not even Mu Bai can stop me now muahahahahaha!!

The school’s deadline on learning to cast magic is one year but Mo Fan actually manage to cast magic in a mere six months!

From the start of school to the end of the semester it’s only been 5 months, if this fact is make public his classmates and teachers, even other schools will be astonished.

That magical beast teacher’s recently boasted that the genius in his class Huang Ming Kai can now control 4 small stars just like how Mu Bai can control 4 stars.

Ha Ha Ha, I can now cast the first elementary magic, if Mu Bai knows he’ll turn green from envy!!

As the power of lightning magic arcs around my arm I could feel them wanting to rush out, I wonder how it’ll be if I release them, omg the more I think of how awesome it could be the more excited I feel.

Calm down, take a deep breath, I can’t laugh like an idiot in the middle of the road, I need to calm down, I’m now a great magician yo!

Mo Fan really wanted to try to cast magic once again, but just after use that magic on the bus he could feel that his whole body feels a little empty and dizzy.

“Is this what the spiritual force exhaustion the teacher talk about??” said Mo Fan to himself.

Usually Mo Fan could practice his control for around two hours, any more than two hours Mo Fan will feel spiritually exhausted.

He did practice for about 20 minutes on the bus, but that lightning magic makes him feel quite exhausted already.

Mo Fan thinks that this is caused by the incomplete spiritual path that was formed while it was transitioning from control to casting, it shouldn’t cost that much mana to establish control in the first place but if he can form the proper complete spiritual path from the stars to his body along with proper magic casting it should only take about half of his mana!


Quanzhi Fashi ch9

Yes, I know the author switch terms from spiritual force to mana  liberally.

One more chapter to chapter 10!


“4th small star is now firmly in my control, I should try going on the 5th, ai, this is so difficult, I wonder if I could completely control all those 7 little bastards before the end of this semester or even put them on the proper pathway… that said, this monkey said that most people could only practice control on their star at most only one hour a day, each time even he couldn’t last any longer than 5 minutes, but I could do it for a total two hours, could this be the advantage I get from awakening two elements? Said Mo Fan to himself.

“The mana required to control the stars at the first stage should be the same, maybe I do have twice more mana than everyone else?”

Each magic student’s spiritual force is limited, to exert control would deplete their spiritual force and at their current magic cultivation level, they could only last for about an hour practicing their control.

However even with only an extra hour of advantage, coupled with Mo Fan’s diligent efforts, his progress has surpassed many of his fellow classmates, according to the hearsay of his henchman even the most outstanding student in the class Mu Bai could only control up to three small stars.

Out of the 7 small stars, Mo Fan has managed to establish control on four and he’s expecting to reach five within the week, it’s seems that awakening two elements give him extra hour to practice compared to others too!

This is the perfect scenario a!

I’m going to reach for the stars and marry that fair, rich and beautiful little princess! (t/n: bai fu mei, white, rich and beautiful)



8 am in the morning, the first class is the magical beasts, and the teacher for this class is the next door’s homeroom teacher Zhang Jian Guo.

“Mo Fan, why are you late? Can’t you be more punctual? I know your talent is a bit better than most of the students, your exam score is terrible, but you’re still not seriously studying, look at the lighting element student in my class, he’s got good talent, diligent, study seriously, he can now control four small stars, how about you? I heard you can’t even control a single fire element star, this fire element is so wasted on you! As Zhang Jian Guo reprimanded Mo Fan bluntly for being late.

Mo Fan couldn’t help but roll his eyes, every time this Zhang Jian Guo goes on scolding he’ll keep on bringing up that lightning element guy.

This Zhang Jian Guo will keep talking about this with a face full of pride and relate anything and everything to that student that awakened lightning element every day.

“That guy could only control 4 stars, I could already control up to 6 small stars!” scorned Mo Fan secretly as he leisurely walk to his seat.

“Well, open your books on magical beasts, today I will continue the lecture about magical beasts. As we all know, the magical beasts live outside of our human city and is completely hostile towards humans, in fact they even fight among themselves… so if you happen to step into the wilds what can a magician do if he met a one eyed magic wolf?” said Zhang Jian Guo as he lecture about the topic excitedly.

One-eyed magic wolf.

This is one of the magical beasts that made its nest near the human city, Mo Fan has only seen them through books and videos but those wolves seems very vicious.

Ordinary humans will not be able to do anything about such beasts, only a magician can fight against it, but of course magic students who couldn’t cast any spell can only be massacred if they meet any one-eyed magic wolf!

Zhang Jian Guo has been spending a week talking about this one-eyed magic wolf during the magical beasts class, even Mo Fan is incredibly bored listening to it over and over again.

At the moment, Mo Fan has successfully connect and control up to 6 small stars in the lightning star, as long as he concentrate properly, he can definitely organize those 6 stars to follow the orbital alignment.

The only problem is this particularly bad seventh small star, like a virgin saint guarding her chasity, go soft and you suffer, go hard and she won’t obey you, this makes Mo Fan particularly nervous and anxious!

Fuck, I’m stucked on this step a!

“Fan ge, how’s your practice on fire element star a?” asked Zhang Hou who sit behind Mo Fan.

“Still the same…” casually replied Mo Fan.

Fire element….

Just like what Zhan Jian Guo said, Mo Fan couldn’t control any one of the small stars yet.

“Can’t be right? I don’t think that’s your real cultivation level, also I heard that Mu Bai guy could already control four small stars in his ice element star, if he put more efforts during the winter holiday it’s very likely that he’ll be able to cast the first elementary ice element spell『Ice Wave』!!!” said Zhang Hou.

“I know”

“Da ge, why aren’t you worried at all? Ya know, this that villain and henchman combo is already planning something bad for you”

“its okay, let them come at me”

In Mo Fan’s mind all he can think of is to control that seventh star, everything else is not important at all.

“Anyway, you have got to be careful… this semester is going to end soon, you gotta work harder next semester a, if you can’t cast your first spell by the end of the next semester the school might find reasons to kick you out”



Soon the end of the first semester comes, Mo Fan have a vague feeling that he has manage a faint connection to that seventh small star.

“Damn it, this cultivating magic is more difficult than praying for goddess to come down, day and night connect…” complained Mo Fan as he walk out of school.

The whole semester Mo Fan hardly walk out of the school compound, 10 hours of spiritual meditation followed by 2 hours of control practice, go to class, eat, sleep every day without stopping.

Anyway, at the end of this semester all the students are going back home along with their winter homework too.

Unknowingly Mo Fan was going to get on a bus back to his old home before realizing that he didn’t have that old house anymore, he almost forgot that his father has sold off the house and he’s currently pretty much a homeless person.

His father Mo Xing is probably still doing his work driving around and is too busy to think about Mo Fan, so he decided to take a trip to see his sister Xin Xia instead.

It’s been 6 months since he last saw his sister and Mo Fan have been wondering about his sister.

“Let’s go straight to her school and pick her up”

Mo Fan went on another bus going towards his sister’s secondary school.

Sitting in the bus, Mo Fan with nothing else to do, continue to practice establishing control, trying to exert his influence on that seventh small star.

Different stars of different elements carried different nature, some are easier to connect with, Mo Fan has been spending the past few nights trying to connect with this last star and bring it under his control, but this particular star has been rather irritable, especially when it resist and break out of the control the pain from backlash and depletion of spiritual force was several times more.

This seventh star is just like his difficult aunt with her irritable temper, when it explode she’s always violent.

Fortunately, the past months effort have actually bore some progress, sometimes the seventh star will come under Mo Fan’s control for a short period of time instead of going out of control and resisting his influence every time.